‘22.8 billion’ buyout payment…Lee Kang-in’s only transfer scenario

Spain’s ‘OK Diario’ said on the 12th (Korean time): “Mallorca do not want to lose an important player in the market this winter and have given strict orders to the sports management not to negotiate under the clause in any case. This policy is the most important in the squad.” It was aimed at two valuable players, Bedat Muriki and Lee Kang-in.”

Lee Kang-in’s transfer rumors are hot one after another. On the 11th, the Birmingham Mail, a local magazine in Birmingham, England, said, “Villa offered 13.5 million euros (approximately 18.1 billion won) to recruit Lee Kang-in, a Korean national team player and Majorca. This offer is up to 15 million euros (approximately 20.1 billion won). ) can go up to.”

Reports from each media are mixed as to whether the actual proposal was put in, but the interest in Lee Kang-in itself seems to be true. Another thing that has been confirmed is the position of Mallorca. Mallorca do not want Lee Kang-in to leave the team through the January transfer window.

This is because he has no player to replace Lee Kang-in. It is an undeniable fact that Lee Kang-in is the ace of Mallorca. Director Javier Aguirre’s tactics are implemented only when Lee Kang-in is present. Lee Kang-in’s existence is essential to save Muriki, the team’s scorer.

So, at least until this season, I hope that Lee Kang-in will remain on the team. Mallorca’s will is very strong. ‘OK Diario’ is “

Mallorca is not trying to leave Lee Kang-in on the team by any means. He wants to stay this season given the team’s situation. Mallorca already knows the future where Lee Kang-in leaves. The media explained, “Given Lee Kang-in’s potential, Mallorca knows that he is destined to join a big club. We also know that it will be difficult to retain Lee Kang-in next season.”

Currently, Lee Kang-in’s estimated buyout amount is 17 million euros (approximately 228 won). Unless a buyout is paid, it will be difficult to take Lee Kang-in to Newcastle, Aston Villa, or other clubs. 17 million euros is not that much money for a Premier League (EPL) club.


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