’30 points big success’ Lebron advances to PO after overtime due to teammate’s mistake

< LA Lakers 108:102 Minnesota|NBA >

The king of basketball, LeBron James, returns from injury.

Today (the 12th) I made a big success by scoring 30 points.

You said you lost 5kg for your ankle, do you see a difference?

Look at this scene. Is it lighter and softer?

But Lakers, today’s game has never been easy.

I wanted to end with a victory by 5 points, but with 1 second and 4 left in the end, Davis gave up 3 free throws due to a foul and went to overtime. 토스카지노

Fortunately, they made it to the playoffs, but Davis had to apologize to James after almost getting his nose stuck in the finished rice.

[Anthony Davis/LA Lakers: I ruined the winner’s game, sorry!]

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