‘7 over par including quadruple bogey’… Kim Hyo-joo, what happened at the end?

‘View-Double View-Quadruple View-Par.’

These are the scores on the last four holes of the second round of Kim Hyo-joo (28) of the LPGA Tour Lotte Championship (total prize money of 2 million dollars).

Kim Hyo-joo caught 3 birdies in the 2nd round of the tournament held at Ohakalei Country Club (par 72) in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA on the 14th (Korean time), but 3 bogeys, 1 double bogey and 1 quadruple bogey. He shot a 6-over-par 78.

Kim Hyo-joo, who recorded a total of 2 over par 146 until the second round, dropped significantly from a tie for 3rd place the previous day to a tie for 58th place. Although she managed to pass the cut, this report card is not pleasant because she was Kim Hyo-joo, who was also aiming for two consecutive victories in the tournament. It was difficult to defend the title as it was widened by a whopping 10 strokes with co-leading group Seong Yu-jin (23) and Natakrita Wongtawirap (Thailand).

Hyo-joo Kim, who played in the afternoon group game when the wind was stronger, continued the game smoothly, reducing one stroke to the 14th hole. The problem was from the 15th hole in the second half with four holes left. Suddenly, the tee shot fell into a hunt.

Kim Hyo-joo committed a bogey by dropping an iron tee shot into a bunker around the green on the 15th hole (par 3). Although he succeeded in escaping the bunker even when his stance was inconvenient, the ball moved 2.5m away from the hole, and even the par putt slightly missed the hole. 토토사이트

In the 16th hole (par 4), my tee shot fell near the hazard and I tried to do a layup, but my second shot got caught in the long grass around the bunker and faced a difficult situation. The third shot did not fly long and fell into the bunker right in front, and Kim Hyo-joo eventually recorded a double bogey at this hole.

Kim Hyo-joo faced a bigger crisis by drowning her tee shot in the 17th hole (par 4). According to the LPGA, Kim Hyo-joo received a one-stroke penalty, then safely put her third shot on the fairway and hit her fourth shot, which again went into the bunker around the green. Kim Hyo-joo, who took the ball out of the bunker but failed to put it on the green, eventually reached the green after the 6th shot. After two putts on the green, he was abl

Kim Hyo-joo, who finished in the top 10 in all three competitions she participated in this season, is in danger of ending her top 10 streak in this competition. It is the first time in three years and eight months that Hyo-joo Kim has lost so many strokes in her round since hitting 7 over par in the second round of the US Women’s Open in June 2019.

On this day, Kim Hyo-joo’s iron shot was so inaccurate that her green hit rate was cut in half (50%), and she fell into the bunker 6 times, so she lost a lot of points. She made only two par saves after six bunker shots, and her putt count soared to 28.

Kim Hyo-joo took care of her messy atmosphere and finished her last 18th hole (par 5) with a par. If she lost her stroke even on the 18th hole, she was sure to miss the cut. Fortunately, Kim Hyo-joo, who succeeded in advancing to the 3rd round, challenges to rebound in the rankings in the 3rd round, ‘Moving Day’.

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