A ‘typhoon’ blowing in the world of golf… The epicenter is right here

Thailand Golf and Singha Group are inseparable. Singha Group played an important role in the development of golf in Thailand, just as Korean archery became one of the best in the world with the sponsorship of Hyundai Motor Group. It was in the late 1990s that Singha Group, Thailand’s leading beer company, showed interest in golf. Since then, Singha Group has been generously investing in the development of golf in Thailand.

Singha Group’s investment led to a typhoon (a storm of Thai players) on the LPGA tour. Eriya Jutanugarn and Ataya Titikkun, who ranked first in the women’s golf world rankings, also appeared. The development of Thai golf is not limited to female players. Following Thongchai Tsaidi, who is called ‘Thailand’s best player’, male players who show their presence on the international stage such as the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour and DP World Tour continue to emerge.

Currently, there are more than 300 professional golfers and amateur players sponsored by Singha Group. And that’s not all. By hosting dozens of competitions, including the All-Thailand Tour and the Thai Amateur Tournament, it is creating an environment where local players can develop their skills. We also operate a scholarship system for players who are struggling financially. Although each player is different, almost all players receive expenses for participating in the tournament separately from the Singha Group. The use of driving ranges and golf courses is basic. Members of the club can use the driving range and golf course operated by Singha Group free of charge whenever they want.

Not all players are supported by the Singha Group. Even in Thailand, only a few players who are evaluated as having great potential can wear hats and clothes with the Singha Group logo. An official familiar with the Thai golf world said, “Among Thai players who dream of becoming professional golfers, being sponsored by the Singha Group is considered the highest honor.” did.

The reason why there are more than 300 sponsored players is that the Singha Group does not cancel contracts under any circumstances. An official from the management explained, “Once a relationship is established, it is the Singha Group that continues to maintain the relationship until retirement.”

Among Korean players, there is a player who played an active role wearing the Singha Group logo. They are Baek Seok-hyeon (33), who is active on the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour and Asian Tour, and Kim Joo-hyung (21), who plays on the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour. Baek Seok-hyun, who grew up in Thailand, is the first Korean player in the Singha Group and has continued his relationship to this day. Joohyung Kim also received help from the Singha Group. He dreamed of becoming a professional golfer in the Philippines, and in 2018, when he turned 18, the Singha Group provided a scholarship and training environment to Thailand. Since then, Kim Joo-hyung won the Asian Tour and the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour, and reached the top of the PGA Tour last year, becoming a player the world pays attention to.

Baek Seok-hyun said, “I am the second foreign national player after Vijay Singh (Fiji) and the first Korean player to be sponsored by the Singha Group.” Even after completing his military service, he is very grateful to the Singha Group for being sponsored,” he said.

The Singha Group recently created a sports management group, SMG, to help its players. Baek Seok-hyun said, “40 players from the Singha Group, who are active on the LPGA Tour and Asian Tour, are being managed by SMG. He explains that he helps players book flights and accommodations so that they can focus only on the game.” 온라인바카라

Thai players such as Poom Saksansin and From Misawat also said that the Singha Group led the development of golf in Thailand. Saksansin said, “The Singha Group has played an important role in helping Thai golf grow into a golf powerhouse that draws attention in Asia.” He raised his voice.

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