All three teams in London received interest… Increased chance of transfer

There is a lot of interest in Leandro Trosar.

Trosar is Brighton’s key resource. Since joining Brighton in the 2019-20 season, he has played a pivotal role in the team. Trosar, who can play multiple positions, gave coach Graham Porter a variety of tactical options, and Trosar’s sharp kicks scared the opposing team on several occasions. Trosar’s credit is also great for Brighton being able to become the representative ‘chili powder team’ of the English Premier League (EPL). 헤라카지노

Trosar’s current position in Brighton is not very good. There is no big change in his performance, but it is because rumors of a disagreement with coach Roberto De Gervi have recently surfaced. Trosar’s agent claimed he was being bullied within the team after Trosar got into an altercation with a Brighton colleague, who also said he had a bad relationship with manager De Jerby. De Jerbi added fuel to rumors of discord by removing Trosar from the squad.

This raised the possibility of Trosar leaving Brighton. Some say that Brighton first reversed the offer to sign Trosar to other teams. The first team I was linked to was Tottenham. Tottenham, which is trying to turn around by recruiting in the winter transfer market, is thinking of strengthening its attack by recruiting Trosar, a resource that has already been proven in the EPL.

Also linked to Chelsea. Chelsea were in a situation where there were no players to appoint as most of the attackers were groaning with injuries. The fact that Porter, who coached Trossar in Brighton, is currently in charge of Chelsea also added to the rumors of Trosar’s move to Chelsea. However, with Chelsea signing Joao Felix and Mihailo Mudrik in the winter transfer window, Trosar’s chances are considerably reduced.

And recently, there has been a story that Arsenal may sign Trosar. This is because Chelsea signed Moudrik, who was the number one target. Nizar Kinsella, a reporter for the UK’s ‘Evening Standard’, said, “Arsenal have made an offer to Trosar as an alternative to Mudrik.”

It’s still not certain. “Trossar is not being treated well at Brighton,” David Onstein, a journalist for The Athletic, told NBC Sports. “The current situation at Trosar is not good, but I do not know if he will choose to transfer.

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