‘Bad Guy’ Lee Joon-young becomes the first champion… Decision win over Seong-woong “Viper” Kim

‘Bad Guy’ Lee Jun-young (27, cheap MMA) rose to the first Black Combat flyweight champion.

On the 15th, in the flyweight championship match of ‘Black Combat 6: The Final Checkmate’ held at Studio Paradise in Yeongjong Island, Incheon, Lee Jun-young defeated ‘Viper’ Seong-woong Kim (28, Gunpo Bon Jiu-Jitsu) by 2-1 decision at the end of the extension round. and wrapped the championship belt around his waist.

It was a close fight in which the winner was not decided even after the third round.

Many experts predicted that Lee Joon-young would be far ahead in hitting, but Kim Seong-woong’s hitting was not easy. In the end, it was wrestling and ground games that decided the game.

The kick fight was more intense than the punches in the beginning. When Kim Seong-woong aimed for the stomach with front and side kicks, Lee Jun-young changed his stance to a southpaw and attacked the side with a left middle kick.

Both fighters pulled out their hidden knives as they got closer. Kim Seong-woong momentarily grabbed the neck clinch and put a knee kick in his abdomen, and Lee Jun-young responded with a series of punches. 토스카지노

In the third round, Seongwoong Kim’s knee kick and punch went in. At this time, Lee Jun-young took out the wrestling clinch card rather than counterattacking with a blow. He successfully landed a takedown, took up the back position, and aimed for a rear naked choke.

A game that could not be won or lost for 15 minutes in the third round. In the extra round, Lee Jun-young’s clinch wrestling and ground control shined. Even after the referee raised him up, he again took the top position as a tackle.

Lee Jun-young, who became the champion after a close fight, exclaimed, “Kim Seong-woong’s blow was stronger than expected. But mixed martial arts includes wrestling. I’m good at wrestling too.”

Then, he approached Kim Seong-woong and delivered a message saying, “Thank you for the great game.”

Lee Jun-young settled in Black Combat through the Champions League victory in December of last year. He beat Sung-Woong Kim, who can be said to be the star of Black Combat, to reach the top for the first time in his life. His professional record became 5 wins and 1 loss.

Kim Seong-woong showed remarkable progress in the first year of his professional debut, proving his future potential.

Kim Seong-woong, with a face full of regret, promised, “Just like his winning streak after losing his debut, I will think that this defeat has taken bitter medicine and work harder.”

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