“Basketball started following my brother, it’s fun, so I’ll continue!”

Regardless of win or loss, the passion of the players is burning.

On the 5th, at the National Sports Center in Seo-gu, Incheon, the ‘1st Rookie Cup Youth Basketball Tournament with 2NT Bugs’ held by Rookie, a professional basketball magazine, was held.

A total of 12 teams of 6th graders participated in the competition, which started in the morning. It was mostly composed of male players, but occasionally female players could be seen roaming the court.

In particular, Jungmin Lee of the GNG Basketball Class team stood out the most among the female players who participated that day. Lee Jung-min, who is taller than most male players her age, commanded her team’s offense based on her skillful ball handling, and she also showed sharp passing and shooting skills. She was also voted MVP among the players on the losing team.

Lee Jung-min, who followed her brother into basketball, fell in love with her basketball charm. Her wide field of vision and dribbling ability were also a result of her practice. While she was interviewed, she left an embarrassing answer, but her skills definitely left a strong impression among players her age.

Lee Jung-min said, “I started playing basketball because my older brother asked me to go with him after attending a basketball academy. I continued playing basketball because it was fun. I feel most thrilled when I shoot a 3-point shot from a distance while playing basketball.” 온라인카지노

He continued, “I’m about 164 cm tall. I’m tall among my peers. Practice is the secret to passing and dribbling. Practicing a lot was helpful.”

GNG, which belongs to Group A, failed to advance to the quarterfinals by losing both preliminary matches. However, compared to the first game, which suffered a complete defeat, the second game, which was closely contested, showed off a clearly better performance. GNG players, including Lee Jung-min, were not obsessed with winning or losing and were focusing on the fun of basketball itself.

Lee Jung-min said, “I have participated countless times in the competition. Basketball is fun, so even if I lose, I keep coming out. I was asked to do it, but the team members did better than I thought.

Lee Jung-min wants to continue playing basketball even after entering middle school. He is also open to the idea of ​​elite basketball.

Lee Jung-min said, “Basketball is really fun, so I want to continue doing it even after I go to middle school. If I continue to grow taller here, I’m thinking of challenging elite basketball.” I am always grateful for receiving a lot.”

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