Bento’s successor manager’s debut Korea-Japan match? Japan “Korea March A Match Candidate”

In Japan, it was mentioned that Korea is also possible against the A-match evaluation match in March, so interest is gathering whether the Korea-Japan match will be successful.

According to Sports Hochi, a Japanese sports media outlet, on the 3rd, the Japan Football Association said in relation to next month’s A match, “Korea is a powerhouse that has advanced to the round of 16 in the World Cup, so I think it is worth considering.”

Sorimachi Yasuharu, technical director of the Japan Football Association, said, “The opponent for the March A match has not yet been decided. He explained, “The FIFA ranking is higher than Japan, and we plan to promote matches with regular World Cup players.”

Japan is scheduled to play friendly matches in Tokyo and Osaka on the 24th and 28th of this year’s first FIFA A-Match Week (March 20-28).

South Korea is ranked 25th in the FIFA rankings, and Japan is 20th, although Korea’s ranking is lower, but Korea has steadily advanced to the World Cup finals. In the last 2022 Qatar World Cup, Korea and Japan succeeded in advancing to the round of 16 together.

It is not easy for Asian countries such as Korea and Japan to find opponents for the A-match evaluation in March. Europe will conduct the 2024 European Football Federation (UEFA) European Football Championship (Euro) qualifying, in North and Central America, the 2022-23 season Nations League, and in Africa, the 2023 African Nations Cup qualifiers will be held.

It is known that Korea is preparing for an A-match in March with South American countries as candidates. Korean football is currently in the midst of appointing the command tower, which has been vacant since coach Bento. A match in March will be the debut stage for a new director. Uruguay and Colombia are mentioned as potential A-match opponents for Korea. Previously, South American media also reported that Uruguay and Colombia would visit Korea and Japan in March to hold an evaluation match. 바카라

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