Carrot Lee Jung-hyun, from a promising player to an ace

Goyang Carrot Jumpers guard Lee Jung-hyun is emerging as a star representing KBL after two years of debut. His great fighting spirit and strong heart are hidden under his warm appearance. He met Carrot Lee Jung-hyun, who is growing from a promising player to an ace.

*This article was published in the January issue of Rookie the Basket, and the interview was conducted on December 22nd.

Q. The season is approaching the middle. It is evaluated that Carrot is achieving more than expected results. How are you?

Jung Hyun_ I know that there were many evaluations that our power was in the low ranks at the beginning of the season. However, starting from the cup competition, I felt that the team was getting along little by little. After the regular league started, I think I felt that our basketball was doing well among my teammates while taking care of the victory in the early stages. That’s why we can trust each other and do more, and the team seems to have become stronger.

Q. Before the season, you were classified as weak. Did you expect this rise?

Jung Hyun_ Even during the practice game, we lost unbelievably big. Even back then, I thought this season was a big deal. (Laughs) We defeated Samsung and SK during the cup tournament, and then I became confident that I could do well.

Q. You were evaluated as the main pillar of the team at the same time as it was founded. At a young age, the spotlight as the core of a new club must have been burdensome. What was your mindset before the season?

Jung Hyun_There was no burden. However, the sense of responsibility seems to have intensified. The coach also allowed me to have a lot of playing time as a starting point guard and shooting guard, and allowed me to have a lot of roles. Physically, it seems a bit difficult these days. I’m still having fun The coach lets me do a lot of the games I want to play. Especially in the aggressive part, even if I play a lot that I want to do, they scold me that I have to be more active. It also points out what not to do. I play freely and aggressively in the part where the coach gives me words.

Q. It seems that he has risen as a star representing the league within two years of his debut.

Jeonghyun_ No. (Laughs) Compared to the star hyungs of other teams, I am lacking a lot. I became an All-Star again this year, but I was selected higher than last year. I am really grateful to the fans. Personally, I’m slowing down these days, but I think I need to show a better play.

Q. Actually, this season, you ranked 9th in the All-Star voting. How did it feel to have your name in the top 10?

Junghyun_ It was so good. I thought it was an absurd ranking. In last year’s All-Stars, he was 23rd. I wonder if I jumped a lot at once. (Laughs) I’m bewildered. I always feel the support of the fans. When we go to home games, a lot of fans come. I feel that there are many individual fans who support me. I came to the pros last year, and there are many people who have been steadily supporting me since last year. always a great help

Q. You attended the last All-Star Game as a rookie. This year is now a career. Is there anything you want to show me?

Jeonghyun_ Last year, I did an Allaz dance with my peers. (Laughs) I don’t know what I’m going to do this time. I haven’t received anything special, but I want to show you something fun.

Q. You also participate in the 3-point contest with your senior Jeon Seong-hyun.

Jung Hyun_ Last year, I was eliminated in the preliminaries. I put in a lot, but a lot of the ones I put in by stepping on the line were invalidated. (Laughs) This time, (former) Seonghyun is going out with hyung, but I want to go to the finals. 온라인바카라

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