Cheonan City unveils history’s first uniform… ‘Puma uniform, Rabona design’

Cheonan City FC, debuting in the K-League, unveiled its first ever uniform. This season, the first challenge on the professional stage, Cheonan City players will walk around the ground wearing the history and symbols of their hometown, Cheonan. The uniforms of Puma, a global sports brand, the official sponsor of Cheonan City, met the design of Rabona Creative, a sports design company, to create a work that contains both style and meaning. 먹튀검증

At their home stadium, Cheonan Sports Complex, they wear sky blue tops and black bottoms. The blue color represents the sky contained in the place name of Cheonan, which is related to it. The black color reminds us of the black skirt of Yu Gwan-soon, who led the independence movement, and symbolizes the history of the independence movement in Cheonan. The top is engraved with the graphic design of ‘Tower of the People’, which is a landmark of Cheonan and reflects the will of the independence movement.

The white uniform worn in away games is also a design that reflects the identity of Cheonan, the hometown. The sky and clouds of Cheonan were embodied in dotted dots, and the wave of the independence movement was expressed with a Taegeuk pattern that looks like a waving Taegeukgi. The goalkeeper wears a bright red and eye-catching bright yellow-green kit.

The right arms of the players will include a special logo of the city of Cheonan, which celebrated the 60th anniversary of the city’s promotion in 2023. In addition to the professional soccer K-League, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, the patches applied to the uniforms also contain historical meaning.

Along with the release of the uniform, Cheonan City will start selling through the online store. From the 14th, field players’ home and away game uniforms can be purchased. If you rush to buy, you can receive the jersey with the marking you want before the season’s home opener. Cheonan City’s official social media accounts provide detailed information on purchases.

Players wearing Cheonan City’s first professional uniforms can be seen at the opening game of the 2023 Hana One Q K League 2 held at Cheonan Sports Complex on March 1, and at the home game against Busan I’Park.

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