China’s Zhu and Vu referee’s dubious decision, but ‘Hwang Sun Hong Ho’ was strong… Uhm Won-sang multi-goal, Jeong Woo-young wonder goal→3-1 China defeated

A Chinese referee took the whistle against China, but Hwang Sun-hong’s team was strong.

South Korea’s U-24 football team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, got off to a good start with a 3-1 victory over China in their first match of the tournament at the Jinhua Sports Center in China on Friday (June 15).

South Korea overcame a frustrating first half to score three goals in the second half to break down China. Uhm Won-sang opened the scoring with a brilliant penetration into the box, while Jung Woo-young opened the scoring for China with a stunning mid-range strike.

South Korea started with Lee Tae-seok, Hwang Jae-won, Lee Han-beom, Lee Jae-ik, Kim Bong-soo, Jeong Ho-yeon, Yang Hyun-joon, Go Young-joon, Song Min-kyu, and Chun Sung-hoon in goal.

The first half ended scoreless at 0-0. While South Korea dominated possession throughout, China was looking for a counterattack.

In the 17th minute, China’s Huang Jiahui’s mid-range shot was saved by Lee Kwang-yeon. Two minutes later, Song Min-kyu’s mid-range shot was also headed straight at Han Ji-achi, but the score remained scoreless. 토토사이트

South Korea’s best chance came in the 30th minute when Song Min-gyu took a shot off a pass from Jung Ho-yeon. It was the best chance of the game, but he was unable to capitalize on the opportunity as he hit a Chinese defender.

After that, neither team threatened the other. There were a few close calls, including a rough tackle from China that sent Song Min-gyu to the ground, but thankfully, the first half ended without any major issues.

Korea made a big change at the start of the second half. Yang Hyun-joon, Song Min-kyu, Chun Sung-hoon, and Ko Young-joon were replaced by Uhm Won-sang, Cho Young-wook, Park Jae-yong, and Jung Woo-young to form a new attacking lineup.

The change was the right one. In the 51st minute of the second half, Kim Bong-soo scored the first goal of the game, 1-0, when Uhm Won-sang slotted a beautiful pass over Han Ji-achi’s head.

The second goal came quickly. In the 54th minute, after a combination of passes from Cho Young-wook and Chung Ho-yeon, Uhm Won-sang found the back of the net once again to make it 2-0 for China. In the 60th minute, Chung Woo-young scored a wonder goal after a great individual effort that found the back of the net to make it 3-0.

But then came the bizarre goal. In the 63rd minute, the Chinese referee didn’t blow the whistle on a lineout, allowing a header from a cross to make it 3-1.

Down by a large margin, China became increasingly rough and Korea kept their cool. This was compounded by an injury to Uhm Won-sang. Uhm Won-sang was replaced by Choi Joon, who was unable to capitalize on his multi-goal performance. Korea then made two more substitutions, bringing on Choi Hyun-taek, Kim Tae-hyun, and Byun Jun-soo in place of Lee Jae-ik, Lee Tae-seok, and Lee Han-beom.

South Korea managed to hold China scoreless for the remainder of the game. Despite the fact that many players were injured and fell down, the team still managed to win the game with a spectacular goal.

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