“Choo Shin-soo is right, if he is the manager” Park Chan-ho’s direct hit, Choo Shin-soo’s misstatement’head-on refutation’

“Isn’t it a generational change?”

‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho left regret about Choo Shin-soo’s remarks during the Lunar New Year holidays. Park Chan-ho visited Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, where Kiwoom set up a spring camp on the 14th (Korean time) and met with reporters. At this meeting, Choo Shin-soo expressed candid opinions about the regret of not being selected for the WBC national team Ahn Woo-jin during the Lunar New Year holiday and the part of not being able to boldly change generations.

Park Chan-ho coolly said, “Isn’t it that the national team has changed generations?” Then he said, “An Woo-jin is not yet. He is what the times do not want.” Then, “Choo Shin-soo is right. if he is the director Choo Shin-soo’s opinion that if we want to defeat Japan, we must elect An Woo-jin, we must respect it. He cannot be said to have bad personal judgment.”

Park Chan-ho basically said that Shin-soo Choo’s beliefs themselves should be acknowledged. However, he pointed out why Shin-soo Choo’s remarks were not sympathetic to the public at all, and why they were wrong. “The times do not want An Woo-jin yet. I told Woojin earlier, ‘don’t be unfair’. We just need to make a better case by returning the love we received from our fans to our child fans. The thoughts of big players have a lot of influence.”

Park Chan-ho said that Ahn Woo-jin’s non-selection for the WBC team was a mission of the times, and that he had to accept it even if the national team’s power was negative. “If the results are not good because of Ahn Woo-jin, it is a pity for the people of the national team. Choo Shin-soo was talking about his opinion, and he would not have made a remark to attack someone.” 온라인카지노

In addition, Park Chan-ho said that the WBC team list would have been decided after careful consideration by coach Lee Kang-cheol and the KBO Technical Committee. In particular, coach Lee Kang-cheol showed a position that he would have excluded An Woo-jin from the national team considering public opinion and fan sentiment.

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