Coach Kim Jong-guk, President Shim Jae-hak, and the KIA players reunited with Ryu Ji-hyuk.

A player who left in tears was reunited with his team after a week.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, who was traded from the KIA Tigers to Samsung, reunited with his parent team 먹튀검증.

KIA Champions Field in Gwangju on the 11th. The Samsung team arrives at the stadium in heavy rain. Fans wearing red KIA jerseys stood out among the Samsung fans wearing blue jerseys. These fans had not forgotten about Ryu Ji-hyuk. As Ryu Ji-hyuk got off the bus in his blue training uniform, the fans presented him with gifts they had prepared.

After being greeted by the fans of his home team, Ryu Ji-hyuk headed to the KIA locker room. The first person to greet him was head coach Jin Gap-yong. As soon as he saw Ryu Ji-hyuk, he looked sad and hugged him tightly.

Ryu then went to the head coach’s office. Coach Kim Jong-guk also welcomed him. Ryu Ji-hyuk left crying. In contrast to Coach Kim, who couldn’t hide his regret, Ryu Ji-hyuk smiled and held Coach Kim’s hand.

The next stop was the KIA locker room. All of his old teammates gathered and waited for him. When Ryu entered, all the players clapped and greeted him. This was the locker room he had called home until a week ago.

Kim Do-young, who was the most saddened by Ryu Ji-hyuk’s parting, went to his side with a gift. Inside the paper bag she handed him was a red KIA jersey top signed by all the players.

The game was canceled due to rain. The first matchup after the trade was also postponed. Despite not seeing Ryu Ji-hyuk on the field, the fans who waited outside in the heavy rain and the KIA players in the locker room were able to reunite with Ryu Ji-hyuk to make up for the loss.

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