Concerns about Tottenham’s “new scam”… Transfer fee of 92 billion → 0 goals in the league, 3 injuries

Tottenham striker Richarlison (26) is hardly showing his presence in the first season of the transfer. He made 13 league appearances, still scoreless. He even broke away from the battle line due to injury three times. Given that he is the player recruited with the second largest transfer fee in the history of the club, there is no choice but to be concerned about the so-called ‘eating and running’.

Richarlison is a striker who was recruited from Everton in July of last year for a whopping 60 million pounds (approximately 92 billion won, based on the Guardian). He can play not only in the front line but also on the left and right sides, and he scored 10 goals and 5 assists in the English Premier League (EPL) last season as a member of Everton.

However, he is unable to score a goal in the league wearing a Tottenham uniform. Just two assists. It was the first and last game in which he scored a goal in an official game this season, scoring multiple goals in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League group stage against Marseille last September. This is the background of concerns about another failed recruitment following Tanggi Mdombele, who is currently leaving on loan even after recording the top transfer fee.

Since he still has no goals in the league, he is even receiving ‘mocking’ locally. Arsenal striker Charlie Portino (20), who moved on loan to Blackpool (second division), scored more goals against the EPL team this season than Richarlison. Fortino recently scored a goal against Southampton in the FA Cup. Considering Richarlison’s transfer fee, it’s nothing short of humiliating.

As a striker, silky goal silence is not everything. Richarlison has been out of the lineup three times this season due to injury. After missing six official games due to a shin injury in October of last year, after the World Cup, he was unable to play four games due to a hamstring injury.

However, as he improved his body by playing in the last 3 consecutive games as a substitute, it seemed likely that he would start in the FA Cup against Preston (Part 2) on the 29th (Korean time). In the field, there was even a prospect that Richarlison would make his first start after recovering from injury instead of Son Heung-min taking a break. However, he was suddenly removed from the lineup right before the game. This is his third injury this season. 먹튀검증

As the situation is like this, expectations for Richarlison are gradually falling. In the forefront, Harry Kane is alive and well, Son Heung-min also scored multiple goals in the FA Cup and fired a revival shot, and Dejan Kulusevski has also established himself as a starter on the right side. Recently, even Arnaud Danjuma joined on loan and even scored a goal in his debut match. In other words, the player who spent the second highest transfer fee in the club’s history has no place to stand.

Nowell Whelan, from the English Premier League (EPL), pointed out that Tottenham’s acquisition of Richarlison was questionable from the very beginning. He told Football Insider: “If you want Richarlison to perform well enough for his £60m transfer fee, you have to get him to play in the best position. “Coach Antonio Conte is too defensive to bring out a two-top system. I had big doubts from the time Richarlison was recruited,” he pointed out.

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