DFM confirmed harassment of player “harasser terminated…agreement with ‘toltu’ will continue”

DFM has acknowledged that it harassed Haruki Shibata of “Toldu” and has apologized and taken steps to follow up.

In a statement released on its official social media accounts on July 7, DFM acknowledged and apologized for the mental and physical pain caused by its verbal abuse of Toltoo. DFM then announced that it would terminate the contracts of head coach Suzuki “Kaz” Kazuta and coach Kyohei “Cerberus” Yoshida, who were named as the bullies, and refer CEO Nobuyuki “Umezaki” Umezaki to a management meeting to take responsibility for overseeing the role division. 메이저놀이터

Earlier, on July 7, ‘Toldu’ posted on his social media that he “ran away from the team house because he felt threatened for his life after hearing verbal abuse from his coach,” adding, “I usually hear verbal abuse from ‘Ceros’ coach.”

However, DFM clarified that the “fine” in Toltu’s disclosure was untrue: Toltu claimed that CEO Umezaki fined him after learning that he suffered from an adjustment disorder, but according to DFM, the fine was imposed because Toltu told a third party that he was in breach of his contract.

DFM said that it will consult on the future activities of TOLTU under discussions including third parties. Regarding his participation in the League of Legends Japan League (LJL), DFM will discuss with the players, including “toltu,” and consult with the league. The company also mentioned that it will improve its internal training system to prevent a recurrence of this situation.

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