Director Shin Young-chul, frustrated by the sluggish performance of Agamez, “I showed you past videos”

Woori Card coach Shin Young-cheol said that he showed a video of his prime to promote the revival of Riverman Agamez (38, registered name Agamez), a foreign player who has recently faltered.

Head coach Shin Young-cheol said, “The reason why the team’s performance has been shaken recently is that the attack efficiency of key players such as Agamez has decreased in a decisive situation,” ahead of the visiting match against KEPCO in the professional volleyball V-League men’s division held at the Suwon Gymnasium on the 12th. “Agamez is also frustrated. “he said. 토토사이트

“It is true that Agamez has lost his sense of rhythm compared to his heyday,” he said.

Director Shin added, “Exercise is a habit,” adding, “As Agamez’s stamina declines, bad habits are coming out to make it somewhat moderate. Through conversation, he conveyed what needs to be improved well.”

3rd place Woori Card has recently fallen into a quagmire of 4 consecutive losses and is being chased by mid-tier teams.

With a difference of 1 point from 5th place KEPCO, if you lose in the game on this day, you have to give up 3rd place.

In the recent crisis, Agamez’s sluggishness played a big role.

Agamez, who was struggling with back pain, fell short of expectations in every match even in the OK Financial Group match on the 8th after recovering his body.

Coach Kwon Young-min of KEPCO, who is challenging Woori Card to jump to third place, said, “I emphasized to the players to focus only on the game and not worry about the ranking fight.” “he said.

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