‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok Lee “I’ve got Gen.G, so if I beat DK, I’ll get on my feet”

Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee talked about the color of T1 for the 2023 season.

On the 18th, a match between Gen.G and T1 was held at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, before the opening of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’.

On this day, T1 won the opening match and accumulated a pleasant first victory. Gen.G collapsed due to T1’s one-hit power, and T1 did not miss this empty gap. As a result, T1 won 2-0.

In a joint interview with Riot after the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, who served as the team representative, said, “As it was the first match, the momentum was important. A 2-0 victory means a lot to us.”

Lee Sang-hyeok, who picked Gen. G as a candidate for the championship. Regarding the confrontation with Gen.G, he said, “I still have good line play and management skills. However, I think the team’s harmony and breathing have not yet been settled. We won 2-0, but I think we have enough potential.”

Then, he confessed about Lissandra Pick, who firmly held the front line of the second set, “When our team is laid, everyone does their part and does well. Especially in the second set, the situation itself had a lot to do, and many good scenes came out.”

Along with T1, DK is being discussed as a candidate for the spring championship. When asked if he had watched the DK match in the first game, Lee Sang-hyeok said, “DK seems to have shown a good performance. But since we captured Gen.G, if we catch DK, I think it will gain more momentum.”

Regarding the color of T1, he said, “In our team, the performance of each player is good. Maintaining good performance this year is the key. Passion and development are important. “he emphasized.

Recently, Lee Sang-hyeok has picked ‘development’ as his personal goal. In response, when he looked back on last year, he said that the most improved thing was, “After losing a lot in the final last year, I felt a lot of regret about the difference and a lot of thoughts that I would have won if I did something better at the time. As a result, I should have prepared more when preparing. This year, my goal is to learn and practice a lot both physically and externally.”

In addition, he showed a positive reaction to the 2 teams going up to the 2023 MSI. Lee Sang-hyeok emphasized, “It is an advantage that more teams can experience international competitions and that fans can also watch various games. Also, the more competitions as a professional, the better it is to find meaning as a professional.” 카지노

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