‘Finally’ Tottenham’s dramatic success in recruiting prisoners…”Resurrected overnight”

Tottenham Hotspur dramatically persuaded Sporting once again. After twists and turns, he completed the recruitment of Pedro Poro (24, Sporting).

Fabrizio Romano, a European football transfer expert, said on social media on the 31st (Korean time), “Tottenham and Sporting have finally reached an agreement after another very long meeting. wanted,” he said.

Romano continued, “Tottenham have rescheduled Poro’s medical test. It was originally scheduled for Monday, but was rescheduled for Tuesday. The deal has been completed and Poro will become a Tottenham player for 45 million euros (approximately 60.2 billion won). ’ and once again shouted ‘Here we go’. 안전놀이터

Riyal Thomas, a reporter for Sky Sports in the UK, also said, “Tottenham have made a breakthrough after trying to recruit a prisoner. The deal will be almost finalized after intensive negotiations that took place throughout the day.” “Tottenham have now reached an agreement with Sporting on the signing of the prisoner. The deal has been resurrected after collapsing overnight,” the report said.

Tottenham made additional spending as well as a transfer fee of 45 million euros to revive negotiations. According to Portuguese ‘Hecord’ and Sky Sports, Tottenham are known to have given up 15% of their Marcus Edwards sell-on clause.

A lot has happened in one day, but it looks like this saga will end with a happy ending. It was a transfer negotiation like a rollercoaster.

Poro is a right wingback with excellent attack power and was Tottenham’s No. 1 recruit this winter. He is a key player for Sporting and has been a regular since 2020.

A prisoner transfer seemed only a matter of time as Tottenham decided to pay a buyout. Romano also said with his signature “Here we go” phrase, “Tottenham have concluded an agreement to sign the prisoner. The contract will be completed in 24 hours.” In fact, the prisoner was at the level of wearing a Tottenham uniform.

In one day, the situation changed drastically. “Poro’s move to Tottenham has been cancelled. Sporting have waived the terms of the proposed deal,” said The Athletic. He said he would, but now he’s in shock.”

Fortunately, Tottenham made up their mind and entered into negotiations again, and dramatically reached another agreement. In the end, the transfer that both Tottenham and Poro desperately wanted was revived. As a result, Tottenham succeeded in strengthening the right wingback, their first goal, one day before the deadline for the winter transfer market.

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