‘Former Japanese coach’ Halilhozic challenges Bento successor! Submit your resume!

It is known that coach Vahid Halilhodzic (70) has challenged the Korean national team’s baton.

On the 27th, the Bosnia and Herzegovina media, ‘Sportsport Bosnia and Herzegovina’ had time to look back on the Moroccan national team’s challenge for this World Cup through an article. Within this, it was reported that director Halil Hodzic had applied for the position of director in Korea.

Former Moroccan national striker Marouane Shamak (39) commented on Morocco’s progress to the FIFA World Cup quarterfinals in Qatar and said, “It would be a lie if it wasn’t surprising that we reached the semifinals. He represented Africa.”

He continued, “The most important decision was to say goodbye to coach Halil Hodzic. It was a very adventurous decision three months before the World Cup, but it was absolutely rewarding (the World Cup semifinals).”

Halilhodzic, born in 1952, is a director from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Boasting strength, he achieved results, but also made dissonance that was not easy. He made it through four World Cup qualifiers, including 2010 Côte d’Ivoire, 2014 Algeria, 2018 Japan, and 2022 Morocco, but only participated in the World Cup once in 2014 due to a feud.

In this situation, it is known that coach Halilhozic applied for the position of coach of the Korean national team looking for a successor to coach Paulo Bento (53).

The media said, “According to sources, coach Halil Hodzic has submitted his resume to the KFA. One of his competitors is the famous Marcelo Bielsa. Korea made a small miracle in Qatar, but ended the tournament by defeating Brazil. Korea “We are looking for a new successor after Bento left. Director Halil Hodzic has successfully led Japan, so he knows how to work with Asians,” he added.

Coach Halilhodzic played football that emphasized strong pressure and physical strength. He has a different style from coach Bento, but there are also opinions that he will be good with our national team. Anyway, it seems that he also threw a challenge, hoping for the Korean national team. 메이저사이트

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