Gangnam Yoo doubles on Rex’s home run… Lotte wins exchange match with Chiba Lotte

The professional baseball Lotte Giants won a match against their sister team, Japan’s Chiba Lotte Marines, in the second group.

Lotte won a 3-0 cold game victory in the top of the 8th inning against Chiba Lotte held at the Ishigaki Municipal Stadium in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on the 22nd.

Na Kyun-an, who started the game, pitched 41 pitches in 3 innings, striking out 3 and not allowing a run.

He had a fastball speed of up to 145 km per hour, and he threw various balls such as cutter, curve, and forkball.

Left-handed pitcher Kim Jin-wook also blocked one inning with 12 pitches, 1 strikeout, and no runs, shooting with a speed gun at a maximum speed of 143 km per hour.

Na Kyun-an said, “I tried to throw as many strikes as possible, but it was a satisfactory result. I threw it at a fast tempo with the mindset to fight the batter.”

After the game, Kim Jin-wook also expressed satisfaction, saying, “I tried to throw a lot of strikes, and the ball was fine in the bullpen, so I tried to bring it to the mound as it was in that rhythm. My condition was good after my first actual match, and I will prepare well for the season.” 온라인바카라

On the other line, Jack Rex, who is about to start his second season in the KBO League, showed good hitting with 1 hit and 1 RBI in 3 at-bats, including a home run, and Hak-Joo Lee also left 1 hit and 1 RBI in 2 at-bats.

Rex said, “It was my first real game, so I wanted to show a good performance in the at-bat. I tried to hit as many balls as possible,” he said.

Lee Hak-joo, who showed light movements in the shortstop defense, said, “I practiced a lot of simple swings with coach Lee Byung-gyu in Guam to fix the swing getting bigger.” ” said

Yoo Kang-nam, who wore a Lotte uniform as a free agent (FA), also hit a double in his first practice game played in a Lotte uniform.

Yoo Kang-nam explained, “Na Kyun-an has good understanding of pitches, control, and balance since practice. It must have been a burden because it was the first selection, but when I received the ball, I felt that I was well prepared. I tried to use various pitches with good balance.”

Regarding the double hit at bat, he said, “I thought the reaction would be slow because it was my first real game, so I got a good point thanks to the quick timing without thinking.”

Lotte coach Larry Sutton, who won a pleasant victory in the first practice game in 2023, said, “The pitchers aggressively attacked the strike zone. At the same time, it was a game where we could see some areas that needed improvement.”

He added, “Hitters continuously create scoring chances, which is our focus, and score without missing opportunities. The base play is also satisfactory.”

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