Gen.G went through 3 sets, but ‘as expected’… 1st place

After a close battle with Liv Sandbox, Gen.G won and secured the No. 1 spot. 먹튀검증

Gen.G won 3-1 against Liv Sanbak in the 3rd week of the 2023 ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring regular season held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 3rd. With this, Gen.G succeeded in consolidating the No. 1 spot with 5 wins and 1 loss (+7).

Liv Sanvak led the game in the first set, but Genji was unmoved. Early in the 2nd set, Liv Sanbak took a slight gold lead and built 2 stacks of dragons. However, Soo-hwan “Faze” Kim didn’t allow Liv Sanbak to stack 3 dragons. Afterwards, Soo-Hwan Kim defeated Tae-Yoon “Budol” Noh and Hyeon-Jun “Doran” Choi caught Lee “Closer” Lee Joo-Hyeon, and Gen.G dominated the match. With the Baron buff, Gen.G widened the kill gap to 11-5. Gen.G launched an ace in the 35th minute and destroyed the enemy Nexus without hesitation.

Gen.G showed improved performance in the third set. Choi Hyun-jun, who faced Irelia at the tower, gave up a solo kill. However, Gen.G showed aggressive play, such as a successful 4-man dive from the top. In particular, it became a variable for Liv Sanbak that Kim Soo-hwan’s Varus got 5 kills and grew well. With Varus’ performance on his back, Gen.G launched an ace and destroyed the Nexus to take victory points.

Entering the press room, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho showed a smile mixed with relief and joy, saying, “It was a game I really wanted to win, but I’m glad I won.” He said, “I was definitely dragged around in the first set,” and “I thought the game was difficult in the second set as well. However, it was important to bottom-dive in the 2nd set and top-dive in the 3rd set, but I think it was good to execute it by aiming for a winnable part.”

Regarding the player who faced off in the midfield, he evaluated, “I am paying attention as a player who understands the flow of the game well and knows his role well.”

Regarding the solo kill at the beginning of the 3rd set after the difficult 2nd set, Han Wang-ho said, “I felt sorry for Choi Hyun-jun when he was killed, but the rest were not at all.” I was focused,” he said over the game.

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