Greenwood’s anger: “I don’t like Manchester United’s red clothes, I’d rather go to China”

Rumors have emerged that Mason Greenwood, who has been cleared of sexual assault charges, wants to go to China because he is disappointed with his club Manchester United.

Greenwood, who had been effectively kicked out of Manchester United since January of last year after being accused of sexually assaulting her girlfriend, recently dramatically cleared her of the charges. Prosecutors dropped the charges against Greenwood after 12 witnesses refused to cooperate.

The Greater Manchester Police Department said on the 2nd (Korean time), “As of this time, all criminal proceedings related to Greenwood are suspended.” We will not be commenting on any details related to this incident.”

Shortly after, Manchester United issued a statement saying, “The club will carry out its own procedures regarding Greenwood. There will be no further comment.”

In this situation, rumors of Greenwood going to China came out of nowhere.

England’s The Sun said, “According to a source, Greenwood ‘reluctantly’ accepted Manchester United’s position.” .

According to the media, Greenwood is known to have told friends, “I never want to wear the red shirt of Man United again. The club did not support me. I would gladly go to China and play if I could get the money.” 카지노

To this day, Greenwood’s profile is listed on the first team list on the official website of Man Utd, and his salary was not suspended during the disciplinary period.

Above all, the decision to choose the Chinese league for money is not easily understood at a time when the capital power of the Chinese league is significantly lower.

Even if Greenwood can’t keep playing for Manchester United, there’s a good chance he won’t go to the Chinese league.

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