Gucci, my ‘frustration’ with tax of 2.5 billion won, half of the LIV golf first championship prize money

Taylor Guchi (32, USA), who won the 4th and 5th competitions of the LIV Golf League and achieved the first ‘back-to-back championship’, regretted that he paid close to half of the prize money in taxes. .

On the 2nd (Korean time), Goo Chi appeared on the podcast for the people, an internet broadcaster, and said, “About 1.9 million dollars (2.55 billion won) did not come into the bank account.” “It was a bit disappointing that this amount didn’t come into my account because I have to pay 47.5 per cent under Australian tax law,” he said.

“Sometimes it takes almost 48 hours for the money to come in, but usually it’s in your account within 24 hours,” said Guchi.

Gucci won the LIV Golf League 4th Tournament in Adelaide and 5th Tournament in Singapore last month in a row. Among them, in the 4th competition, he won 4.375 million dollars (5.87 billion won) by winning the individual event and finishing runner-up in the team event.

He earned $4 million in individual prize money, but due to high tax rates in Australia, he paid close to half of the amount in taxes.

At the Singapore event, where Guchi won consecutive championships, he earned 4.75 million dollars (approximately 6.37 billion won) by winning both the individual and team events. It is said that Singapore does not have very high tax rates.

In accordance with the tax laws of the state where the tournament was held, golfers must pay taxes on their winnings. The American Professional Golf (PGA) tour also showed a large difference from the actual amount due to different income taxes depending on the 50 states in the United States.

U.S. Golf Digest reported that Kim Si-woo (28), who won the Sony Open in February, also received 1.42 million dollars (about 1.9 billion won) in prize money, but in Hawaii, you have to pay a high state income tax of 11% on income over 200,000 dollars. It was introduced that he paid 156,000 dollars (about 200 million won) in taxes because of the tax law. The actual prize money Kim Si-woo received was 1,264,000 dollars (approximately 1.7 billion won) 크크크벳.

California imposes a 13.3% tax, the highest in the country, on income over $1 million, while Florida, Texas and Nevada have no income tax.

In response, Guchi expressed regret, saying, “I received the same prize money as the other players who won, but the actual amount was terribly low.”

On the other hand, Guchi made headlines by earning 9.125 million dollars (approximately 12.23 billion won) in prize money for two weeks. He has been active on the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour since 2014, recording one win and a career prize of $9.25 million. His two weeks of LIV Golf earned him close to his career winnings on the PGA Tour.

Thanks to this, in the LIV Golf League individual prize money rankings this season, he collected 10,016,733 dollars (approximately 13.44 billion won) and ran first. 크크크벳

Gucci aims to win three consecutive championships in the sixth round of the LIV Golf League, which will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA for three days from the 13th.

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