‘Holland-The Brawiner one-two punch’ → Arsenal’s championship in 19 years ‘Will it bubble’, Man City defeating Arsenal 4-1 at home ‘Holland EPL record single highest goal’ ‘Possibility to win a come-from-behind’

Manchester City virtually beat Arsenal in the’champion match’. Erling Haaland recorded one goal and two assists, breaking the tie for the most goals in a single season in the Premier League and setting a single record. In the remaining schedule, all goals are history.

Manchester City defeated Arsenal 4-1 in the 33rd round of the ‘2022-23 season English Premier League’ held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 27th (Korean time). In a situation where two less games were played, the lead Arsenal was pursued with a difference of two points and made a stepping stone to win the reversal of its own power.

It was a ‘teacher-to-student’ confrontation that ate a pot of rice as a manager and coach at Manchester City. Manager Pep Guardiola and manager Mikel Arteta showed a tight battle from the beginning. Manchester City raised the atmosphere by pressing Arsenal hard at home, but shook the net in the 7th minute of the first half. De Bruyne finished the Holland pass with a perfect shot and scored the opening goal.

Manchester City didn’t let go of the reins behind the opening goal. When Arsenal attacked the side, they responded with a quick turnaround. Bernardo Silva and De Bruyne shook Arsenal with menacing shots. Arsenal was in a hurry to block Manchester City’s attack with Ben White’s centerpiece defense. De Bruyne shredded Arsenal’s defense by exchanging balls with the forward ‘monster striker’ Haaland.

As Arsenal passed the 30th minute, Thomas Partey and others attempted intermittent shooting from the Manchester City camp. He tried to change the atmosphere, but he could hardly break Manchester City’s momentum. Haaland chilled Arsenal with a series of shots. Arsenal was barely able to overcome the crisis with the Ramsdale goalkeeper’s save show.

But in the end it failed. From the free kick, Stones’ header shot shook the net. The initial decision was offside, but as a result of the video review system (VAR), it was recognized as onside. Manchester City cheered and Arsenal hung their heads. It was the moment when Arsenal’s calculations, which were trying to benefit from Manchester City away, went wrong in the 45th minute of the first half.

Even in the second half, Manchester City’s performance was fierce. Again, Haaland opened fire and The Bruwiner finished. In the 8th minute of the second half, a one-two pass with Holland broke Arsenal’s defensive organization at once and finished with a calm shot. From the beginning of the second half, it was practically a key goal that poured cold water on Arsenal’s will to pursue.

Arsenal, desperate for a change of atmosphere, attempted a replacement. I put in Torsar and Jorginho and changed the waist and attack. It was the will to radically change the flow of energy. Even Emil Smith Lowe was put in an all-out offensive. Saka’s free kick ignited the comeback goal, and in the 41st minute of the second half, Holding shook the net and chased a goal. 토토사이트

Arsenal drew the embers of the chase, but could not stop Manchester City’s firepower. If it was The Bruiner’s ‘Showtime’ from the first half, this time it was Holland. In extra time in the second half, he struck a perfect wedge as he broke through Arsenal and scored. Haaland scored the 33rd goal in the league on that day, and vomited the dignity of the most goals in a single season in the Premier League based on the 38th round.

Each of Haaland’s future goals is history. Now he challenges the records of Premier League legends Alan Shearer and Andy Cole. Since the launch of the Premier League in 1992, the two players have scored 34 goals in 42 games, holding the record for the most goals in a single season.

Manchester City has won seven consecutive victories, and will face off against promoted team Fulham on the 30th. Arsenal also play the collapsed Chelsea and London derby, but it is an unstable flow with 3 draws and 1 loss in the last 4 league games. If you look at the current Manchester City trend, there is a good chance of winning the comeback, and the possibility that Arsenal’s recapture of the league trophy in 19 years after manager Arsene Wenger’s undefeated championship will be in vain is increasing.

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