“How lonely can you be?” Dongbyeongsangryeon of KK transformed into a special helper

“After exercising, they asked if I could go into the dorm. How lonely I must be.”

All three foreign players in SSG Landers are ‘new faces’ this season. Pitchers Kirk McCarty and Annie Romero, and outfielder Guillermo Heredia. All of them are new to the KBO League and Korea, and coincidentally, they are all different nationalities. McCarty is from the United States, Romero is from the Dominican Republic, and Heredia is from Cuba. English and Spanish interpreters are always with each other according to the language they are comfortable with, but it inevitably takes time to become friends with unfamiliar teams and unfamiliar colleagues.

These three players, who have been working together at the Vero Beach Spring Camp in Florida since the 1st, have something in common. This is ‘KK’ Kwang-hyeon Kim. Their common story is that “KK is helping them adapt a lot”. 바카라

The reason Kim Gwang-hyun readily approaches him is because he is a veteran player, but because of the ‘comparison with each other’ he felt himself when he played for two years in the major leagues. He played as a ‘foreign player’ for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2020-2021 season. New land, new environment, new team, new people. Although he achieved his dream of being in the big leagues, he could not completely hide his loneliness.

Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I hardly spoke English until I went to the United States, but now I can understand it to some extent even if I can’t speak it. So I watched what foreign players were saying and said, ‘If you need anything or have difficulty, please tell me anytime.

“Foreign players asked if they could go in after the workout was over. I’m saying the same thing I did (in the US). I hope that my friends won’t go through the hardships and difficult parts of the past two years.” I want to write it. How lonely it must be,” he wrote with his heart.

Kim Gwang-hyun said that adaptation to the environment is a measure of success for foreign players. He said, “If there is a problem with adaptation, it affects the performance. All players have skills, so it doesn’t matter at first, but if you dig a little deeper and become serious, the performance will go wrong.” I think they are very talented players,” he encouraged.

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