I didn’t even miss the day of the apology… A one-day reversal → de facto discipline, what happened to Chung Chul-won Yong-chan?

The two bullpen pitchers remained on the roster, unlike SSG Landers’ Kim Kwang-hyun, who was expunged on the 1st.

NC Dinos’ Lee Yong-chan and Doosan Bears’ Jeong Chul-won were also eventually removed from the roster. 먹튀검증

Along with Kim Kwang-hyun, Yong-chan and Chung were at the center of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) drinking scandal and were removed from the roster on the second day before their games against Jamsil LG Electronics and Suwon KT, respectively. In their place, Koo Chang-mo and Baek Seung-woo were named to the first team roster.

The two players remained on the roster until the 1st, when they officially apologized. Unlike the starters, it seemed like a lot of pressure for the teams to leave out the two bullpen nuclei.

Nevertheless, the two clubs made the decision after a day of deliberation. Why did they suddenly decide to expunge them?

Considering the burden on players and teams, as well as unforeseen ramifications in the future

First, we considered the various pressures.

The bullpen pitchers, who are often called upon to take the mound in the midst of criticism, must be under pressure. They could be booed after every pitch. It is impossible to rule out the possibility of being mentally shaken when taking the mound in a critical situation.

Before the game against LG on the 2nd, NC manager Kang Myung-ho said, “I was worried about whether Yong-chan would be able to present himself smoothly on the mound as there is talk of a face-to-face investigation by the KBO in the near future. I don’t think his performance will improve. I will decide (when he will return) after seeing the situation of the convening of the punishment committee,” he said, apologizing again.

Doosan head coach Lee Seung-yup also decided to expunge Chung, saying, “After consulting with the club, it’s time for him to restrain himself,” before the Suwon KT game on Feb. 2.

Lee also apologized as the player’s coach.

Both players will be subject to future KBO investigations as ‘suspects’. It is also important to take into account any unforeseen contingencies, such as problems with their statements or additional unexpected revelations.

Mentally sharp situation. We recognize that it can be difficult to focus on baseball.

Self-Discipline, KBO Discipline Remains…Separate Issues

As a result, the three players’ clubs, SSG, NC, and Doosan, have effectively self-disciplined the three players. They were suspended for a minimum of 10 days.

The KBO Board of Governors has effectively abolished club self-discipline.

There have been criticisms that the suspensions were an overreaction to quickly “erase” the negative image of the players. There was also the legal issue of double jeopardy.

As it turned out, none of the three clubs intended to be punitive.

NC and Doosan, like SSG, considered expunging their rosters, but decided to wait until the KBO disciplinary action was announced.

The team’s realistic situation was also not easy. NC Koo Chang-mo and Doosan Kwak Bin are still suffering from the after-effects of the WBC, including forearm and back pain, respectively. The loss of the bullpen nucleus was too much to bear for the two clubs, which are in the midst of a fierce mid-tier competition at the beginning of the summer season.

However, even after the apology, the worsening public opinion and the KBO’s move to use it as leverage for intense scrutiny proved to be a burden. The decision to expunge one club was a domino effect that was bound to affect the other.

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