I explained the ‘Otani Beanball remarks’, but… Japanese reporters flocked to Go Woo-seok

On the afternoon of the 5th, the WBC baseball team had their first official training after entering Japan at Maishima Buffaloes Stadium in Osaka, Japan. The Korean team trained from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, and the Japanese team trained from 4:00 pm. Not only Korean reporters, but also Japanese reporters were very interested. Dozens of Japanese reporters visited the stadium from the training session of the Korean national team, sketched the overall scenery, and attended round interviews together.

After training, the round interview was conducted with coach Lee Kang-cheol and Go Woo-seok. It was a request from Korean reporters. However, Japanese reporters were more interested in Go Woo-seok. Since the interview was conducted in a standing format and there was no interpreter, Korean reporters conducted the interview, and no questions were asked about the remarks in question.

However, the Japanese reporters’ interest in Ko Woo-seok, although he is also a ‘main pitcher’, seemed to be the aftermath of his remarks regarding Shohei Ohtani, which became a hot topic in Japan recently. In an interview with a media outlet after being selected for the national team, Ko Woo-seok was asked, “What do you think it would be like to play against Ohtani?”, “I want to play head-on. If I don’t have this, I’ll hit the painful spot and let it go and I’ll fight the next batter.”

The tone or atmosphere of the comment was not very serious. It was a story that meant that Ohtani was a great player, but 카지노

In a Japanese broadcasting program, the MC commented on Ko Woo-seok’s remarks, saying, “Is it a head-to-head game if you say it’s a head-to-head match and you’ll hit it if there’s no place to throw?” I hope we fight with respect to each other as much as we do.” As Ohtani is currently the best star in Japanese baseball, a situation has arisen in which misunderstandings outweigh the purpose of his remarks.

In response, Ko Woo-suk also explained the remarks in an interview with a domestic media after his national team was summoned. He said, ‘It was never my intention, and I never thought I would hit it on purpose. I think I said it too easily,’ he blamed himself.

However, on the first day of training in Osaka, after Ko Woo-seok’s interview, Japanese reporters focused only on ‘Ohtani’s remarks’. A media outlet that visited the site said in an article, “A Korean pitcher who caused a stir with Ohtani’s ‘Beanball’ remarks responded to the report.” and caused some ripples.”

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