‘Investment of 410 billion → 10th place down’ Chelsea, attack reinforcement expected best 11

The possibility of Chelsea’s player reinforcement, which is suffering from sluggishness in the Premier League this season, is attracting attention.

The British Daily Mail predicted and introduced Chelsea’s best 11 after the January transfer market on the 11th (Korean time). The media said, “Chelsea’s owner, Boelli, spent £271 million (approximately 411.2 billion won) during the transfer market last summer, but is planning an additional signing in the January transfer window.” did. He also mentioned the possibility of reinforcing players, saying, “We are also aiming to recruit Mac Allister.”

The Daily Mail predicts that after Chelsea reinforces the squad through the transfer market in January, Thuram (France) and Juan Felix (Portugal) will form the attacking line along with the existing Sterling (England). In addition, Mount (England), Zakaria (Switzerland), and Mac Allister (Argentina) will form the midfield, and Chilwell (England), Silva (Brazil), Badiasil (France), and James (England) will play the defense. The goalkeeper expected Arrizabalagaga (Spain) to play an active role as the main goalkeeper. 안전놀이터

Ahead of this season, Chelsea recruited 11 players, including Aubameyang (Gabon), Cucurella (Spain), and Koulibaly (Senegal), to reinforce their strength, but showed lower-than-expected performance. Chelsea are in 10th place in the Premier League this season with 7 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses (25 points), and are concerned about their worst performance since the 2015-16 season, when they finished 10th in the league. Chelsea have scored fewer goals than relegation rivals Leicester City (26) and Leeds United (25), with 10 goals in 17 Premier League games this season.

Chelsea will pay 9 million pounds (about 13.7 billion won) for the loan signing of Joao Felix, while the Daily Mail is paying attention to the possibility of strengthening the attacking team. He is also aiming to recruit Thuram, but the agreement with his team, Monchengladbach, is unclear. “We have to compete with Arsenal, Manchester United, Juventus and Atletico Madrid for McAllister.” He added that ‘Cilwell and James will play a big role in the defense when they return from injury’.

Meanwhile, Chelsea, who is aiming for a high-level leap, will play an away match in the 2022-23 season Premier League against Fulham on the 13th.

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