It started out ambitious, but… The Carrot Basketball Team will disappear after less than a year

“The team is still in its infancy, so there are concerns that it won’t last long, but if you work hard, it will become a prestigious team. Please keep an eye on it.” 온라인카지노

This is the vote confidently thrown by Heo Jae, co-CEO of Day One Sports, at the founding ceremony of the basketball team on August 25 last year. However, the Goyang Carrot Basketball Team was in danger of disappearing after less than a year.

Carrot, a new club, is in the process of negotiating the sale in the midst of professional basketball in the 2022-23 season. Day One Sports, the operator of the Carrot basketball team, said on the 7th, “We have been negotiating with a company to acquire the basketball team since the end of last year.”

Day One Sports is having difficulties running a basketball team as its parent company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, is in financial trouble due to delayed payment of wages for employees and delays in subcontracting, and goes into court receivership. It has already suffered from lameness due to delays in subscription fee payment and unpaid wages for the players and the secretariat.

An official from Day One Sports explained, “As the parent company goes into court receivership, there is a limit to support for the basketball team. Officials have prepared funds, but it is difficult to operate, so we are negotiating the acquisition.”

It is known that the sale negotiation process has progressed considerably. An official from Day One Sports said, “So far, negotiations are progressing positively. I think we need to reach an agreement by April so that the basketball team can prepare for the next season normally.”

Carrot is a newly founded club after the end of the 2021-22 season by acquiring Goyang Orion by Day One Asset Management, whose parent company is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction. At the time of the acquisition, Dayone Asset Management expressed ambitious ambitions, saying, “We plan to promote the advancement of the K-sports world by managing the club in a new and advanced way, and to advance into professional leagues in various sports such as volleyball, e-sports, and table tennis in addition to basketball.” revealed

Day One Sports, a subsidiary of Day One Asset Management, in charge of running a basketball team, attracted naming sponsors like the professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes and signed a four-year contract with Carrot Insurance to develop self-sustainability. However, due to the deteriorating management of the parent company, all plans were foiled.

From the start, Day One Sports was constantly controversial due to money issues, and it continued to creak after that. From the process of taking over the club, there were doubts about operational capabilities such as financial stability, and in June of last year, approval was withheld due to poor data in the review of new member companies.

Here, ahead of the opening, it was decided to pay 500 million won of the special membership fee of 1.5 billion won in the form of KBL membership fee first, but the deadline was not met, and even the wages of the players and the secretariat were not paid on time during the season. Day One Sports staged a skit in which the 5th of every month is the pay day, but it was postponed to the 10th of last month. This month, too, they promised to pay wages on the 10th instead of the 5th.

An official from Day One Sports said, “We will make sure there is no problem in raising funds so that we can finish the season well.”

Carrot, who is in 5th place with 20 wins and 19 losses, may not be able to play even if he advances to the playoffs in the 6th round if the payment of the second subscription fee is delayed.

Previously, KBL took out a card that said, “League participation is not allowed” when Day One Sports failed to pay the first subscription fee on time. A KBL official said, “We are closely monitoring the situation. We will respond in principle according to the situation.” “If the payment of the second subscription fee is delayed, we are leaving open the possibility that Carrot will be excluded from the playoffs.”

Day One Sports is also a task to solve the remaining naming sponsor contract with Carrot Insurance in the process of negotiating the acquisition of the basketball team. An official from Day One Sports said, “Currently, it is difficult for us to reveal our position regarding the naming sponsor. We will discuss with the company (which is negotiating the acquisition) and proceed accordingly.”

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