Joining LAA again with ‘Double Swords’? Hillman’s former SK manager’s son-in-law continues his ML career

The Los Angeles Angels have another Lee Do-ryu (?) other than Ohtai Shohei. Trey Hillman recruited Brett Phillips, son-in-law of former SK Wyverns manager.

On the 10th (Korean time), local multiple media outlets, including Ken Rosenthal of “The Athletic,” reported the news of a contract agreement between the Los Angeles Angels and Brett Phillips. The contract size is 1.2 million dollars (about 1.5 billion won) for one year.

Phillips entered the professional stage after being selected by the Houston Astros with the 189th overall pick in the 6th round of the 2012 draft. Phillips moved to the Milwaukee Brewers in a trade that included Josh Hader in 2015 and made his big league debut in 2017, playing for the Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles.

Phillips clearly made a mark in his debut season, posting 24 hits, 4 homers, a batting average of 0.276 OPS and 0.799 in 37 games. However, in his career, he failed to show off the skills of his debut season. Phillips has a batting average of 0.188 OPS and 0.621 with 28 home runs and 36 stolen bases in 355 games, consistently staying in the 100% or early 200% batting average.

Phillips’ strengths and weaknesses are clear. Phillips is less sophisticated, but he has power and quick feet that can sometimes get over fences. He is a player whose value is higher in defense than in hitting. Phillips has the ability to play any position in the outfield with his strong arm and wide defensive range.

He also defended the mound when the score gap widened significantly during his Tampa Bay days. Phillips started climbing the mound from the 2021 season, and has appeared in 4 major league games (5 innings) with an ERA of 16.20.

The Angels have already secured key outfielders such as Taylor Ward, Hunter Renfro, and Joe Adele, but their defense is inferior to Phillips. Phillips is expected to help the Angels on defense. Phillips, a former colleague of Choi Ji-man and the son-in-law of former SK Wyverns manager Trey Hillman, is expected to fill a backup role with the Angels. 안전놀이터

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