‘Kael’ Jin-Hong Kim, back in winning streak mode “T1 match against Keria, it’s worth overcoming”

Kim “Kael” Jin-hong of Liv Sandbox (hereinafter referred to as LSB), who succeeded in winning the “Bank Derby” against DRX and succeeded in winning streak, looked back on the tense confrontation in each set and expressed his determination for the next match, the T1 match. 토토사이트

LSB won DRX with a set score of 2-1 in the 2nd match on the 4th week and 3rd day of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ held on the 10th at LoL Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Commenting on the victory, Kim Jin-hong said, “It was hard because we went all the way to full sets before Genji, Guangdong, and DRX, but I’m happy to win DRX today.” It seems to be gradually fitting.”

Regarding the experience of the confrontation with DRX, he said, “I got the feeling that I was the type to actively try to attack by intervening in the mid or bottom,” and then said, “However, I foresaw all attempts, so I tried to avoid damage as much as possible.” revealed how to deal with it.

In the case of the 1st set, which was won by suppressing the slugfest, “The line-up was well done in all lines from top to bottom, and in the process, the game was well-organized, with several solo kills from the top side.” Regarding the 2nd set, which was meaninglessly lost, Kim Jin-hong, on the other hand, expressed regret, saying, “In the beginning, all three lines continued to roll in an advantage, but at the 6th level, the engagement call from the bottom or the overall split led to a mistake, and it was greatly overturned.” indicated. In the 3rd set, where the match was decided, he explained, “We prepared mainly for good picks and showed a strategy to take the initiative from the beginning and play while being conscious of the opponent’s intervention.”

Regarding the part that was regrettable in the meantime, he analyzed, “Rather than a ban-pick problem, there were scenes where we made mistakes during the preparation stage after setting the team goal in the in-game situation.” In addition, as for the difference experienced through the new patch, he said, “There is no big change in my play pattern, but it is inconvenient that Heimerdinger has been significantly lowered and has become difficult to use.”

Regarding the T1 match, the last match of the first round, Kim Jin-hong expressed his determination, saying, “I am a little scared because it is a very good team, but I think it is a team that can win if we prepare well as we have done.” Regarding the game, he expressed his confidence, saying, “I think the laning match will not be easy, but I think it is worth overcoming.”

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