Kane put down “I will win the Conference League”… Tottenham Remain Preview

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane (30), who virtually skipped the UEFA Champions League next season, said he would end the championship drought with the Conference League.

According to Sky Sports in the UK on the 8th (Korean time), Kane said, “(League) 3 games remain,” and “Brighton have a few more games left than us. It is to receive a small prize at the end. We will fight for that, for 3 wins in 3 matches.”

Tottenham Hotspur, who were aiming for 4th place, where the qualification for the UEFA Champions League is at stake, is currently 6th.

They are 6 points behind 4th place Manchester United, but have played one less game than Tottenham.

According to Five Thirty Eight, an American statistical site, the odds of Tottenham advancing to the Champions League are less than 1%.

Liverpool, who is in 5th place with 62 points after Manchester United, is ahead of Tottenham with 27% and 7% with 55 points, Brighton, which is 2 points behind Tottenham. Brighton have played three fewer games than Tottenham. If you win all 3 games and accumulate 9 points, you can arithmetically beat Manchester United as well as Liverpool with 64 points.

The top four teams in the Premier League qualify for the Champions League, while the fifth and FA Cup winners qualify for the Europa League. If the FA Cup winners qualify for the Champions League, the Europa League berth goes to the 6th placed team 토스카지노.

There is one more ticket to the European competition. The Europa Conference League is a sub-division of the Europa League. Qualification for the Europa Conference League is given to the League Cup winners, and if the League Cup winners compete in the Champions League or Europa League, the 7th-placed team will qualify.

While Manchester United won the League Cup, which qualifies for the Europa Conference League, the FA Cup final is played by Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester City have secured a place in the Champions League. It is therefore certain that the 6th placed team will compete in the Europa League next season, and the 7th placed team in the Europa Conference League.

In fact, Tottenham, which has skipped the Champions League, is in a difficult situation to keep the 6th place, where Brighton’s pursuit has qualified for the Europa League. Same with the conference league. Eighth-placed Aston Villa is chasing Tottenham with a three-point gap.

“Ultimately, I love playing soccer, no matter what the competition is,” Kane said. “I can’t ignore any competition I’m in. The Conference League is one of them. Getting into the Conference League and winning it is worth it, too.” “When we’re at a club that hasn’t lifted a trophy in 15 years, winning can put it to rest.”

Tottenham placed 7th in the 2020-21 season and earned the right to participate in the Conference League, which was first launched in the 2021-22 season. Kane and Son Heung-min drew attention as strong candidates for the championship, but were eliminated in the group stage.

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