‘Kim Min-jae transfer official declaration’… “I can’t stop Kim Min-jae from leaving Naples”

The transfer of Kim Min-jae (Napoli) is approaching a reality.

Looking at the recent trend surrounding Kim Min-jae’s transfer, the atmosphere that Kim Min-jae’s transfer in the coming summer is ‘a fait accompli’.

Kim Min-jae, who led Napoli to its first championship in 33 years this season, is receiving love calls from big European clubs. The most active Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, and other top teams want Kim Min-jae.

Napoli, who did not want to lose the leading role in the championship in one season, tried to retain Kim Min-jae. There was even a movement to increase his salary and delete the buyout. However, as time passed, the wind of Kim Min-jae’s transfer turned into a typhoon, and in the end Naples also raised the ‘white flag’.

According to local media, it was revealed that Kim Min-jae refused to delete the buyout. It was also reported that Manchester United is negotiating with Kim Min-jae, including a three-fold increase in annual salary. Here comes the decisive blow. Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis ‘recognized’ that he could not stop Kim Min-jae’s transfer.

De Laurentiis is known as the ‘master of negotiations’. A transfer strategist feared by European clubs, capable of defending his own players and bringing in good players at low prices. The fact that he actually allowed Kim Min-jae to transfer is, in fact, the game is over. Now, his job is to sell Kim Min-jae at the highest price possible.

The British ‘Manutdnews’, which delivers Man United news, said, “

At the same time, the media added, “President De Laurentis is showing a determined attitude that he will not lose as much as Victor Osimen.”

In addition, the media said, “Man Utd and Kim Min-jae are negotiating ahead of a summer transfer. Kim Min-jae has a release clause that is valid only for foreign clubs from July 1 to 15. 50 million euros (72.9 billion won) to 60 million euros (87.5 billion won) ). Man United are prepared to pay for it. Kim Min-jae is the most wanted centre-back at the moment 카지노사이트.”

Lastly, the media eagerly hoped for Manchester United to advance to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season. One of the many reasons is that it is easy to recruit Kim Min-jae only when he advances to UCL.

The media emphasized, “Advancing to the UCL can be an important factor in recruiting Kim Min-jae. With the fierce competition for Kim Min-jae, you need a UCL ticket for the next season to sign a contract with Kim Min-jae.”

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