Kim Young-kwang, ahead of the 600th game record, “I hate scoring goals”

Forty one already. This is Kim Young-kwang, who left only 12 games in the K-League record of 600 appearances. He said, “I still hate the process of conceding and it hurts.”
Kim Young-kwang met with reporters at the K-League 1 media camp held at Namhae Sports Parktel in Gyeongnam on the 2nd and conveyed his preparations for the winter training period and his determination to enter the new season. Seongnam FC, which Kim Young-kwang belongs to, sweats from the 1st to the 18th in battery training in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.

The active life of Kim Young-kwang, who was one of the K-League’s representative goalkeepers, is ‘currently ongoing’. At the age of 41, he has only 12 games left in the K-League record of 600 appearances. Regarding this, he said, “My number is 41, but the first time I went pro was 41. Now I’m 41 years old.” With the determination to make it a number, I tried to eat competitors day and night. I made that number the main number in a year and a half.”

He said, “I’m not obsessed with records.” “he said.

Seongnam was relegated to K League 2 after finishing at the bottom of K League 1 last season. As a veteran in a new environment, you must lead your colleagues.

Kim Young-kwang said, “I think I’m having the most difficult winter training than any other year.” He said he was thoroughly preparing for the opening.

Throughout the winter, rumors circulated that Kim Young-kwang could leave the team. However, he stayed on and focused on training as usual. “When I was in such a situation, I put the team first than myself,” he said, explaining why he did not leave the team. I hope (I want) to be promoted. It is my hope that I can shake it off at the end, make good things for my juniors, and leave with a smile.”

Head coach Lee Ki-hyung, who has been appointed as Seongnam’s new coach, thoroughly prepares for the opening of the season with intensive training. Kim Young-kwang said, “I have to invest time, effort, and everything, but there are many people who just think about it and can’t invest. The director reminds me of that well. I think whoever leaves will fill the spot. It seems,” he said, conveying the atmosphere of the team. 카지노

Seongnam is aiming for promotion again. In his words for the fans, he said, “I hope that I can help the team as much as possible, prepare with the mindset of going to the K-League 1 after being promoted, and give a big gift. That is my goal. I will go back to the K-League 1 and make the fans happy and feel proud.” I want to give it to you,” he said.

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