Kudron passes the round of 64 with a match between Kim Hyeon-seok and Jeong Hae-chang, the ‘brother of the female idol’ who caught Kasido Costas – Wellbang PBA

‘Pleasant billiards commentator’ Kim Hyun-seok also passed the round of 64. In his PBA debut, he won two consecutive wins and reached the round of 32, even highlighting his commentary skills.

It was a tough game. And it was a little difficult for the round of 64. It took a total of 45 innings in 4 sets.

In the round of 64 of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA Championship’ held on the 20th (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), Kim Hyun-seok and Kim Byung-ho exchanged sets and went to the end and then went to the match to win.

The match was decided when Kim Byeong-ho, who was burdened with the first shot, passed the first shot. Kim Hyun-seok hit the ball in the first position with a strong blow and scored 1 point after matching the ball with three cushions, and then succeeded in the second attack.

Kim Byeong-ho, who was burdened by two points, passed the ticket to the round of 32 without being able to raise even one point.

Kim Byung-ho had sets 1 and 3, and Hyun-seok Kim had sets 2 and 4. However, in the set he did not win, he could not hit the ball properly.

In the winning set, it was easy to hit repeatedly. Kim Hyun-seok won 15:10 and 15:11, hitting 6 consecutive hits in the 2nd and 4th sets.

Kim Byeong-ho, who had been pushed back until 4:10 in the beginning of the 4th set, caught up to 11 points with 5 consecutive hits in 6 innings while Kim Hyun-seok was empty, but Kim Hyun-seok hit 4 consecutive hits in 12 innings and finally allowed the game to be a game. 메이저사이트

Kim Hyun-seok also won the second set with three consecutive hits. It was 4 consecutive hits in 2 innings, 5 consecutive hits in 7 innings, and 6 consecutive hits in 9 innings. The remaining six innings were all blank.

Kim Hyun-seok, who defeated Kudron in the round of 128, and Jung Hae-chang, who defeated Kasido Costas, unfortunately passed through the round of 64 with the same blow. Jeong Hae-chang caught Oh Seong-wook

Young-geon Lim Seong-kyun overturned the score of 0:7 in the 4th set with 7 consecutive hits in 11 innings and defeated Han Dong-woo 3-1 to advance to the round of 32.

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