Ladies, ‘fire in the belly’ from the start

The Jiji Auction Boat Regatta, a men’s and women’s team competition, has opened its new season. This is the 17th edition of the event since its inception in 2007.

The men’s team has won seven times and the women’s team nine times. The men’s team, which has a broader base and is stronger in terms of skill, is limited in age to balance out the women’s team. So it started out as a “girls vs. seniors” match 먹튀검증.

In recent years, the age limit for the men’s team has been lowered several times as the number of wins by the women’s team against the seniors has increased. The name of the competition was changed to Gentlemen vs. Ladies. This year, the men’s team is 40+ (born after 1983). We’ve gotten younger.

The winning team will take home 120 million won. Individually, there is a match fee of 400,000 won per game. In addition, if a team wins three consecutive games, they will receive a streak prize of 1 million won. The streak prize is 1 million won per game from the third game in a row. The composition of the 12-player teams is as follows.

Men’s team: Cho Han-seung, Lee Chang-ho, and Yoo Chang-hyuk (top ranked seed), Kang Ji-seong, Kim Chan-woo, Choi Myung-hoon, Oh Kyu-chul, Ahn Jo-young, Baek Dae-hyun, Park Byung-gyu, Lee Jung-woo (top qualifier), and Han Jong-jin (wild card).
Ladies: Choi Jung, Kim Chae-young, Kim Eun-ji (top seed), Cho Seung-ah, Kim Miri, Oh Yoo-jin, Kang Da-jung, Kim Sun-bin, Lee In-kyung, Kim Kyung-eun, Kim Hye-min (top qualifier), Cho Hye-yeon (wild card).

Lee Jung-woo 9-dan defeated Cho Hye-yeon 9-dan in the third match of the evening at the Go TV studio. Spearheading the gentlemen’s team, Lee Jung-woo 9-dan won three straight games, defeating Kim Sun-bin 2-dan, Kang Da-jung 3-dan, and Cho Hye-yeon 9-dan.

“I’m a little nervous. It went so well in the beginning,” said Lee Jung-woo, 9th dan, “but I think I left it loose in the back, and I wonder if it would have been a tougher match if I hadn’t had a big advantage in the beginning.” With three consecutive wins, they widened the gap to 6-2.

The 42-year-old Lee Jung-woo 9th dan is a junior member of the Gentlemen’s team and this is his first time at the Jiji Auction Boat main stage. He was selected after winning three straight qualifiers and has exploded with three straight wins in the main event. Since May, they have won six consecutive matches in the Jiji Auction Boat.

The women’s team, who were deprived of a head start, sent out their fifth-ranked player, Cho Hye-yeon 9, earlier than expected, but were unable to put out the fire. The fourth country runner on the 27th will be Oh Yoo-jin 9-dan, ranked fourth in the women’s rankings. The ladies’ urgency was palpable. It will be a reunion after a decade since Lee Jung-woo 9-dan won 1-0 in 2013 안전토토사이트.

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