‘Legend’ Jang Jong-hoon’s lamentation “Why kick the 10 billion opportunity, personality is important in the end”

Although he left the professional field, the ‘Legendary Home Run King’ still gave advice to his juniors. In particular, I couldn’t hide my regret in relation to the recent incident.

Former Hanwha Eagles coach Jang Jong-hoon (55) guided youth players in the first training of the ‘2023 KBO Next-Level Training Camp’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Next Level Camp’) held at the Gijang-KBO Baseball Center in Busan on the 26th.

This training will be held for 12 nights and 13 days until February 6, targeting 40 standing players of the Little Baseball team selected by the Little Baseball Federation. Former coach Jang Jong-hoon is in charge of the training of young players as the head coach of this camp. 안전놀이터

Director Jang, who met with Star News that day, picked ‘personality’ as the point he wants to ask young players. He said, “Recently (in the baseball world) there are many incidents, so fans seem to be getting away from each other.” He said, “I didn’t know it well when I was on the set, but I felt it when I left.”

Recently, illegal acts by players such as drunk driving and violation of the Corona 19 quarantine rules are taking place in the KBO League. He is also under public criticism as he is accused of causing school violence during his school days. As these things happen, there are also concerns that a bad view of baseball as a whole may come out.

Director Jang asked, “I want you to have a sense of a job before a baseball player.” He expressed regret, saying, “These days, you can earn 10 billion won if you are good at baseball, but I don’t know why they kick it themselves.”

I plan to emphasize this to the youth players as well. Director Jang expressed his wish, “Of course, as a baseball player, his goal is to be good at baseball, but I hope he learns his personality as well.”

On this day, coach Jang held on to the young players and continued batting instruction despite the cold weather. As a 3-time home run king (1990-1992) and a pinch hitter who stepped on the KBO’s first career 300 home run notice, he spared no advice that would become flesh and blood for the players. He said, “The players will feel proud because they selected good players, and the people they saw on TV will be excited and motivated because they are here.”

Coach Jang, who took over as the next level camp command tower for the second year, admired the skills of the little baseball players. He said, “I was surprised that the players’ ability was better than expected.” At the same time, he turned the ball to the little baseball leader, saying, “The active leaders worked hard. We have to create something out of nothing, but we made a good foundation.”

As players who are just starting baseball, coach Jang emphasized ‘basic skills’. He said, “For children to become bigger players, the basics are more important than small skills after all,” and “the coaches in charge will also emphasize the basics a lot.”

Also, what director Jang put on importance was ‘effort’. “Even if the times change, effort does not change,” he said. “Isn’t it said that studying is done with the butt, not the head. In the end, the only thing lacking players can do is work hard.” It was a story that came from his own experience of spinning a bat so that the calluses on his hands would not disappear.

Meanwhile, this next level camp started training in earnest on the 26th after convening on the 25th at the Gijang-KBO Baseball Center’s Little Softball Stadium. Including coach Jang Jong-hoon, professional coaches such as Kim Dong-soo (battery coach), Lee Jong-yeol (hitting coach), Cha Myung-joo and Hong Min-goo (pitching coach Lee Sang), and Kim Min-woo (defensive coach) taught young players about baseball.

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