Mallorca coach Lee Kang-in buyout false suspicion… “It’s not 30 million euros”

Mallorca will play round 19 of the 2022-23 season Spanish La Liga with Cadiz at Estadio Ramon de Carranza in Cadiz, Spain at 10:00 pm (hereinafter Korean time) on the 28th. If Mallorca wins this game, they can look at the upper middle ranks as well.

Mallorca, which must win, has become noisy on and off the field. It is because of Lee Kang-in’s transfer rumors. Several clubs are interested in Lee Kang-in, who shows good performance this season. Mallorca is in a position that it will never send Lee Kang-in, the key player. Lee Kang-in expressed his dissatisfaction with the club’s attitude.

It has been confirmed that the clubs interested in Lee Kang-in have already put in an offer. On the 27th, reporter Mateo Moreto of Spain’s Lelebo, who is well versed in the Spanish transfer market, said on his personal SNS, “The Spanish La Liga club that was interested in Lee Kang-in was Atletico Madrid. The offer has already entered.”

While several clubs were fighting over Lee Kang-in, Mallorca’s position was firm. That he never sells. He thought that even if he sold it, he would only sell it with a buyout clause. As a result, attention was also focused on the amount of Lee Kang-in’s buyout. The amount originally reported in Spain was around 20 million euros (about 26.8 billion won). 카지노사이트

However, director Aguirre left a statement that reversed the content. He said ahead of the match against Cadiz, “Lee Kang-in is with us and will be here. He has a contract left. “30 million euros is a really big amount. I don’t consider other scenarios. No one is going to pay that amount. It’s a huge amount.”

Immediately after Aguirre’s press conference was over, refutations came up. Reporter Juan Mi Sanchez, who is well versed in Mallorca news, said on his personal SNS, “It will not be 30 million euros. With 30 million euros, it is 1.5 Lee Kang-in.”

What is certain is that Aguirre and one of Sanchez’s reporters are lying. Because of Lee Kang-in’s buyout, transfer rumors are expected to heat up even more.

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