Manchester United FW, “already started with 12 vs. 10” criticizes for doing something he shouldn’t have done at ‘Anfield’

It was 21 years ago. Ruud van Nistelrooy, former Manchester United goal-scoring machine, drew the wrath of former manager Sir Alex Ferguson for doing something he shouldn’t have done. Van Nistelrooy exchanged jerseys with his opponent after the ‘Manchester derby’ match against Manchester City in 2002. Afterwards, I entered the locker room wearing a Manchester City uniform, and Ferguson was furious. Manchester United legend Gary Neville, who vividly remembers the situation at the time, said, “Coach Ferguson was very angry, saying, ‘The jersey belongs to the Manchester United club. It is not yours. You are just using it temporarily. and reminisce. After a feud with Ferguson, Van Nistelrooy left for Real Madrid in the summer of 2006.

Even at Anfield, the home of Liverpool, there are things that away players should not do. Right away, Liverpool players shouldn’t follow the ritual of wishing for victory. When Liverpool players enter, they reach out and touch a poster reading ‘THIS IS ANFIELD’ at the top of the hallway and pass by.

However, Manchester United players followed the rituals of Liverpool players casually. Tall striker Boot Verhost, on loan for six months.

In the official Liverpool video released on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time), Verhost was the only player among the starting players to touch this poster and pass by. Verhost said he was a Liverpool fan as a child. Man United fans were outraged by this. One fan criticized, saying, “It was a game that already started with 12 to 10 people.” 카지노

Former Sky Sports anchor Richard Keith has joined the ranks of Verhost’s rant. Keith criticized: “Despite the passage of time since Verhost arrived in January, he is not adapting to the United system. He offers nothing to the team’s attack.”

“In the end, it is Ten Haag’s decision to recruit and play Verhost on loan. It’s not the player’s fault to choose Verhost, but Verhost must be the worst Manchester United player I’ve ever seen,” he said. raised the level.

In addition, he emphasized, “Verhost is an ordinary number 9 striker who could not enter even in struggling Burnley.

Besides, “Verhost is not a pressing monster. Verhost doesn’t run because he can’t run. Leave it on the bench. It’s too clever,” he said sarcastically.

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