Master will not betray you!…”Pochettino, Chelsea – Tottenham will choose Tottenham”

Victor Wanyama revealed his faith in Mauricio Pochettino.

Tottenham Hotspur are having a tough time this season. In the summer under Antonio Conte’s coaching system, active reinforcements were carried out, and the goal was to ‘escape from nothing’. It was good until the beginning of the season. After the opening, they continued their 7-game undefeated march and formed the lead, instilling anticipation in the fans. But that was it. Starting with the loss against Sporting, he fell into a slump, and his performance worsened toward the end of the season 메이저사이트.

I couldn’t achieve everything I was aiming for. In the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup), they lost to Nottingham Forest, and in the English FA Cup, they were caught by Sheffield United. In the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), they succeeded in advancing to the round of 16, but were unable to surpass AC Milan, the ‘traditional house’.

Even the minimum goal of 4th place in the league is difficult. Currently, 34 league games have been played and 54 points have been obtained, remaining in 7th place, with a gap of 9 points from ‘4th place’ Manchester United. As one more game was played, the actual gap is even greater. In terms of current performance, it is impossible to guarantee advancement to the European competition, let alone 4th place.

The situation inside the club is also chaotic. Manager Conte was sacked before the end of the season due to poor performance and public criticism of the club, and his successor, acting manager Christian Stellini, also resigned, taking responsibility for the 6-1 loss to Newcastle United. Head coach Fabio Paratici resigned after failing to overcome the ban.

There are so many things to solve. Among them, the most important goal is the appointment of the ‘next’ coach. There were many candidates. Including Pochettino, Thomas Tuchel, Julian Nagelsmann, Luis Enrique, and Vincent Kompany were mentioned. Currently, I continue to talk with Nagelsmann.

But the fans wanted a different director. The main character is Pochettino. It is not an exaggeration to say that he led Tottenham’s ‘heyday’, but he is a symbolic figure. Although he broke up with Tottenham due to poor performance, he consistently maintained a good relationship with the club. When word came out that Tottenham was looking for a successor to coach Conte, Pochettino was the first to be mentioned.

However, Pochettino is closely associated with Chelsea, not Tottenham. Reporters with high public confidence, such as European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano, also covered Pochettino’s move to Chelsea.

In this situation, ‘disciple’ Wanyama, who had been coached by Pochettino in the past, revealed his trust in his teacher. According to British media ‘Team Talk’, he said, “Tottenham fans think Pochettino should coach Tottenham, not Chelsea next season. If Tottenham and Chelsea offer him at the same time, Pochettino will choose Tottenham.” said.

But contrary to Wanyama’s wishes, Tottenham have never made an offer to Pochettino. The British media’Telegraph’ said that Tottenham considered Pochettino’s return, but there was no official contact, and that part frustrated Pochettino.

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