‘Newcomers’ together at the 1st team camp… the competition has begun

The first barrier to enter the 1st Army has been pierced. Rookies who seize the opportunity of spring camp jump into the competition for survival in earnest.

The fact that rookies who have just graduated from high school or competed on the college stage are included in the spring camp roster is proof that their potential has been recognized early.

Depending on the results of the spring camp with seniors, some of them may be used from the opening.

Kim Seo-hyun, who was nominated by the Hanwha Eagles with the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft, boards a plane to the United States with his older brothers. Infielder Moon Hyun-bin, who was 11th overall in the second round and wore a Hanwha uniform, also went to the 1st team camp.

Kim Seo-hyun is a pitcher who has attracted attention since her days at Seoul High School by throwing fastballs in the 150km/h range. Evaluated for his sense of power early on, he received an invitation to field training immediately after joining the pros, further fueling his dream of entering the first team.

In the KIA Tigers, pitcher Yoon Young-chul was the only rookie to be included in the spring camp roster this year. Yoon Young-cheol is a promising player who was named second overall after Kim Seo-hyun.

KIA put more effort into managing top-notch rookies, such as excluding Yun Young-chul from finishing training at the end of last year so that he could have enough rest after throwing a lot of balls in high school. In the spring camp, it is expected that the development of promising players will begin actively under the guidance of the first team coaching staff.

SSG Landers, who won the combined championship last year, joined four 2023 rookies to the camp. Pitchers Roun Lee and Youngjin Song, infielder Minjun Kim, and outfielder Jungmin Kim compete for the first team at a camp in Florida, USA.

While occupying the top of the leaderboard and confirming their outstanding power, they are not satisfied with this and are putting effort into discovering new faces to succeed them. 온라인바카라

In the Doosan Bears, where manager Lee Seung-yeop took the helm, catcher Yoon Jun-ho was the only rookie to have good luck in the spring camp.

Yoon Jun-ho has a relationship with coach Lee, who appeared together in the baseball entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’ before ascending to the command tower. Director Lee explained the background of Yoon Jun-ho’s joining the camp, saying, “There are a lot of pitchers going to this spring camp, so we need a lot of catchers.” He also emphasized, “It has nothing to do with the strongest baseball.”

The experience of working with first-team pitchers is expected to be of great help to Yoon Jun-ho’s growth and quick adaptation to the pros.

Kiwoom Heroes will take a lot of new faces while going through spring camp by dualizing to the US and Taiwan.

In the US camp, pitcher Kim Kun-hee and outfielder Song Jae-seon sweat hard, while in Taiwan, infielders Seung-won Lee, Seung-won Seung-won, Ho-yeol Lee, Yu-shin Seo, and catchers Seong-bin Park and Heon-seong Byun are going to harden.

Pitcher Park Myeong-geun for the LG Twins, and pitchers Shin Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho for the NC Dinos prepare for their first professional season at the 1st team camp.

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