‘Oh Jae-hyeok surgery’ Jeonbuk, early U-22 strategy revision ‘inevitable’

A variable has occurred in the early starting lineup of Jeonbuk Hyundai, which is aiming to recapture the championship. This is because Oh Jae-hyeok (21), the most obvious under-22 (U-22) card, is on the operating table. Oh Jae-hyeok suffered from pubic boneitis since his days at Bucheon FC. The reason he didn’t make it to the playoffs was because of osteitis pubis. Oh Jae-hyeok, who continued to feel pain, was presented with a solution at a local hospital during field training in Barcelona, ​​Spain. After much deliberation, he underwent surgery. It was a simple operation that took about 15 minutes. Although the surgery was not difficult, it is known that it will take about 2 to 3 months considering the recovery and rehabilitation.

Oh Jae-hyeok is Jeonbuk’s ‘hidden card’ in the storm recruitment this winter. This season, the K-League also applies the U-22 compulsory participation regulations. Compared to other teams, Jeonbuk has weak players under the age of 22. Last year, Park Jin-seong, Kang Sang-yoon, and Park Gyu-min were alternately appointed, but they were not satisfactory. Jeonbuk searched for several players to solve their U-22 concerns, so it was Oh Jae-hyuk who scored. 온라인카지노

Oh Jae-hyuk, born in 2002, is a promising player who is called ‘the second Hwang In-beom’. Over the past two years, he has grown rapidly under the guidance of manager Lee Young-min in Bucheon. Last year, he made 33 appearances, 2 goals and 3 assists in the K League 2. He played a crucial role in helping Bucheon advance all the way to the playoffs. Oh Jae-hyeok has not only delicate skills and sense, but also mobility. He is a ‘box-to-box midfielder’ who is involved in both offense and defence, a type favored by leaders. He is also classified as a key resource in Hwang Seon-hong, who is preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Jeonbuk, which has completed a sense of weight more than a double squad across all positions, embraced Oh Jae-hyuk by spending even the transfer fee to solve the last puzzle, the U-22 problem. I made the pick as a resource to match with Jeonbuk’s top players, not simply to fill in numbers. It was because if Jaehyuk Oh was firmly established, the range of operation of the squad could be widened. However, Jae-hyeok Oh underwent surgery and a colon in the early stages became inevitable. He got into trouble again.

First of all, Kang Sang-yoon, Park Jin-seong, and Kim Jeong-hoon are expected to take turns. In the case of Kang Sang-yoon, it is a card that Jeonbuk expects as it showed potential last season, and Kim Jeong-hoon, who was discharged from Gimcheon, is a card that can be used usefully until Jung Min-ki, who was recruited as a replacement for Song Bum-geun, is established.

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