‘Once a Genius’ is coming to the EPL again… “Do you have a team to take?”

It is the downfall of ‘genius’. Dele Alli (27, Besiktas) is expected to return to the English Premier League (EPL) after failing to recover.

Ali recently received a notice of ‘release’ from his team, Besiktas. According to Turkiye media Takbim, head coach Senol Gunes Besiktas has no plans to include Ali in his squad. Ali is expected to watch the match from the stands for the remainder of the season. 먹튀검증

Ali, who made a name for himself at Tottenham, failed to settle down after transferring to Everton in January of last year. He eventually moved on loan to Besik Tasi ahead of this season. However, he only scored 2 goals in 13 league appearances. The playing time (713 minutes) is also small.

Recently, director Gunes said openly, “There is a high possibility that he will leave.” In the end, it is self-evident that complete recruitment will not take place. If Besiktas does not reach out, Ali will return to his original team, Everton.

However, Everton is also highly likely to sell Ali right away. Darren Bent, who played on the EPL stage in the past, said to British media Express on the 17th (Korean time), “I don’t know what happened. When you see where the person who did so well is now, he wonders what happened.”

“I don’t think any team in the EPL will take him. He said that no one, including Mauricio Pochettino, Jose Mourinho and Frank Lampard, would have embraced him if he were now.”

Ali’s contract with Everton runs until June 2024. Considering Ali’s high salary, it seems that Everton’s concerns will grow in many ways.

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