‘One game behind Hanwha’ The only team that hasn’t finished last in 31 seasons is facing a real-life scare…the biggest one yet

The Samsung Lions have kept the same name since the beginning of the Korean Baseball Organization. Along with the Lotte Giants, they are a unique team, which is why their matches are called the “Classic Series.

Samsung has one more thing to be proud of. In the past 31 seasons, they’ve never finished last. Even in their darkest days, they may have finished ninth, but they avoided last place.

This year, however, there are no guarantees.

Lotte, Doosan, and Hanwha, who were weaker than Samsung last year, have made promises and made major reinforcements.

Lotte and Doosan have already moved into the upper mid-tier.

Only KT Wiz and Hanwha Eagles are currently below Samsung in the standings, and even those two are close.

The pace of the two teams. It’s frightening. The recent upswing is fierce.

After a tough time with a rope injury, KT is finding its form again. They are 7-3 in their last 10 games.

Hanwha is also in great shape. Since the arrival of head coach Choi Won-ho, the team has become more cohesive. They are 5-5 in their last 10 games and are looking to shed their “last place” image. In particular, the team has been on a roll lately with back-to-back winning series against top teams like LG and Lotte. Against Sajik Lotte on the 15th, they won 5-4 in extra innings by targeting Lotte ace Na Kyun-an.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been on a downward spiral lately. They are 3-7 in 10 games.

They are now in 8th place with no points against 9th place KT. They’re also just one game behind last-place Hanwha.

Notice the two-hitter.

When the pitchers are pitching well, the bats are not hitting. LG Electronics in Jamsil on the 13th and 14th. They lost two games in a row by one run, 1-2 and 2-3.

On the 15th, they took a three-run lead, but the bullpen couldn’t protect it this time.

Starter Hwang Dong-jae pitched five innings with 67 pitches, giving up four hits and one run, but the bullpen gave up eight runs in the sixth inning. A 3-9 loss. The midweek three-game sweep drops LG to 1-8. On the other hand, LG moved back to the top of the standings one day after sacrificing Samsung.

Overall, the batting lineup has no solutions. Even Kang Min-ho, who has been the centerpiece of the batting order, is out with knee pain. Oh Jae-il has yet to regain his pace.

Top order batsman Kim Ji-chan is batting diligently, but he’s struggling to get on base. Jose Pirela seems to be struggling on his own. 메이저사이트

The bullpen has also been a concern. Trade acquisition Tae-hoon Kim is in the Futures League, struggling. Choi Chung-yeon, who was expected to be a set-up man this season, is out of the first team.

Choi Ji-kwang, who was released from the team at the end of the season, has yet to join the first team due to his deteriorating physical condition.

June was supposed to be a month of hope. It could be the beginning of a tough summer battle. This is a young team, and once they start to fall apart, it’s hard to get them back on track. They need to get back on track quickly.

The fear of falling to the bottom of the table was a distant memory. It’s slowly becoming a very real fear.

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