‘Only the winner will live’ Why is Japan going ‘all-in’ too much in this WBC? Overcoming the US + recovering from the popularity of professional baseball

In his autobiography, Koreans who beat Japan (Pyeongdan Munhwasa), Jang Hoon, a Korean resident in Japan, said , “My home runs and hits are cool revenge against the despicable Japanese who discriminate against our proud Korean compatriots in Korea.”

Jang Hoon, who debuted in Japanese professional baseball in 1959, played 23 seasons with a batting average of 3019, 3085 hits, 504 homers, 1676 RBIs, 1523 runs scored, 319 stolen bases, 7 leading hitters, and the highest on-base percentage. He set immortal records such as 9 times.

To Japan, baseball was a means of revenge against the United States for giving it a humiliating defeat in World War II. It was also a symbol of post-war revival.

I don’t know anything else, but when it comes to baseball, Japan struggled to surpass the United States.

As a result, Japan overtook the United States to become number one in the world. Japan has always performed better than the United States in various international competitions, such as defeating the United States at the Tokyo Olympics and winning the gold medal.

In the WBC, where major league players participate, Japan won twice.

Yet they are hungry.

In the last two WBCs, he drank a bitter cup on the threshold of the geofu final. In particular, in the 2017 WBC, he lost 1-2 to the United States in the semifinals and finished in third place.

As the U.S. builds the strongest power ever in this WBC, Japan is also crying out for revenge by joining major league superstars such as Shohei Ohtani and Yu Darvish.

Japan has a different attitude towards this WBC, even paying insurance money for these major leaguers to join the team early.

They want to show off the strongest aspect of world baseball in name and reality by defeating the United States, which has the strongest power.

The reason why Japan is ‘all-in’ in this WBC is also related to the declining popularity of Japanese professional baseball. 토토사이트

There may be an impact of Corona 19, but it is true that the popularity of Japanese baseball is not as good as before.

The dominant analysis is that the presence of the Yomiuri Giants, the symbol of Japanese baseball, is gradually fading, and the interest of fans due to the entry of star players into the United States is decreasing compared to the past.

Therefore, Japan intends to use this WBC championship as a stepping stone to revive the popularity of professional baseball in Korea.

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