Orlando terminates contract with Terrence Ross Dallas interested in recruiting

The Orlando Magic are cleaning up their squad.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnalowski, Orlando is terminating the contract with ‘Human Torch’ Terrence Ross (guard-forward, 201cm, 93kg).

Ross is now Orlando’s longest-serving player. However, it seems that his contract expires after this season, and Orlando is in the process of rebuilding, so he has decided not to be together in the end. Ross has been on the list of trade candidates several times before, and Orlando also looked into the trade, but it didn’t work out.

In the end, he went through the process of breaking up through contract termination. Ross re-signed with Orlando in the summer of 2019. Orlando signed a four-year, $54 million contract for the duration of his contract. He is a $13 million per year contract or $13.5 million in the last 2019-2020 season, $12.5 million in the first and third years of the contract, and $11.5 million this season.

Prior to that contract, he was brought in as a trade after signing an extension contract after the rookie contract. Orlando traded Serge Ibaka (Indiana) ahead of the 2016-2017 trade deadline and received Ross and a 2017 first-round ticket (announced Pacechinics). Since then, he has consistently led Orlando’s bench. He has consistently averaged double digits in scoring except for the past 2017-2018 season and this season.

In 42 games this season, he recorded 8 points (.431 .381 .750), 2 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 22.5 minutes per game. He kept his playing time similar to last season, but was accompanied by a decline in his overall record. Orlando has a lot of different prospects, so even if Ross did play, he didn’t have as many roles as he used to. His scoring average has decreased since he averaged 15.6 points last season in the 2020-2021 season. 바카라

Ross is expected to hope to play for a playoff-minded team as his contract expires at the end of this season. Toronto has made the playoffs every year, but Orlando has only made it in 2019 and 2020. In a situation where they are rebuilding, they enjoyed the joy of advancing to the playoffs for two consecutive years, but had to be content with advancing to the first round because their power did not stand out.

Currently, the Dallas Mavericks are reportedly interested in Ross. Dallas has boosted its power with Kyrie Irving ahead of the trade deadline. Securing a card that can ease Luka Doncic’s burden. If the loss comes in here, the backcourt power can be stably packed. It is enough to support Doncic and Irving. In addition, it is worth aiming for simultaneous participation.

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