Pass index ‘No. 1 overall’… “Now Naples started with Kim Min-jae” Highly praised

The Italian media cited Kim Min-jae as the driving force behind Naples, which is continuing its solo system.

Italian media Calcio News 24 praised him on the 9th (Korean time), saying that the beautiful football of Napoli, which leads Serie A, comes from Kim Min-jae.

The media said, “In October of last year, former coach Arrigo Sacchi said that the current trend in Italian and European football is ‘straight football’.” “,” Saki said.

He then introduced Kim Min-jae as the player who made the most direct passes in Napoli, saying, “There is no Serie A team that makes more accurate direct passes than Napoli.”

Napoli currently dominate Serie A. In the 2022/23 season, Napoli leads Serie A with 18 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, with 56 points. The difference between Inter Milan (14 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses, 43 points) in second place is an overwhelming 13 points.

According to records, Napoli’s direct pass rate is 17% for Kim Min-jae, which ranks first in the team. Captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo and centre-back partner Amir Rahmani each accounted for 11%, central midfielder Stanislav Lobotka 10% and Mario Hui, respectively. Frank-Andre Jambo-Angisa each have 8%.

The media said, “Kim Min-jae, who provides solidity in the back, participates in the build-up process. The fact that all defenses are included in Napoli’s 6th place in the straight pass ranking explains Spalletti’s tactics.”

Kim Min-jae, who joined Napoli last summer, is active as a starting center back along with Rahmani. He has played in all of Napoli’s 27 official matches, with just one game off in the league.

Kim Min-jae has been reborn as the best defender in the league by overpowering all attackers with strong bones in Serie A with his fast speed and intelligent defense. He tied all the outstanding forwards such as Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan), Paulo Dybala (AS Roma), Dushan Vlahovic (Juventus), and Tammy Abraham (AS Roma).

However, Kim Min-jae’s true value was revealed not only in defense but also in the build-up process.

As of the 2022/23 season Serie A, Kim Min-jae was also the number 1 player in accurate short passes per game. He made 65.3 short passes per game and missed only 4.7 short passes per game. Pass attempts per game also rank first overall with 76.4.

Centerback partner Rahmani is also second overall with 61.4 accurate short passes per game, and the total number of pass attempts is also second overall with 73.9 per game. 메이저놀이터

On the other hand, Napoli will challenge for 6 consecutive league wins in the 22nd round of the league against Cremonese, the lowest at home at 4:45 on the 13th.

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