Paul, who calmed the fearsome Shelton’s momentum, advanced to the Australian Open semifinals for the first time in his life

The momentum of Ben Shelton (89th, USA), who was on a terrifying winning streak, finally broke down when he met a player of the same nationality. Tommy Paul (35th, USA) calmed Sheltyn’s momentum and reached the quarterfinals in the men’s singles at the Australian Open for the first time in his life.

Paul defeated Shelton in Melbourne, Australia on the 25th in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open men’s singles with a set score of 3-1 (7-6 <8-6> 6-3 5-7 6-4) after a bloody battle of 3 hours and 6 minutes. advanced to the quarterfinals. This is the first time Paul has reached the semifinals of a major tournament, and the previous best was last year’s round of 16 at Wimbledon. At the Australian Open, reaching the third round in 2020 was the best. It is the first time in 14 years that an American player has advanced to the semifinals of the Australian Open since Andy Roddick (retired) in 2009. Paul will compete with the winner of the match between Novak Djokovic (5th, Serbia) and Andrei Rublev (6th, Russia) for the final. Another semifinal matchup in men’s singles was between Stefanos Tsitsipas (4th place, Greece) and Karen Khachanov (20th place, Russia).

Men’s tennis, which has been strong in Europe for a long time, is showing signs of change at the Australian Open. Among the players who reached the quarterfinals, as many as three American players were named. It is the first time in 23 years since 2000 that more than three American players have reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. As a result, there were times when the same American players faced each other, like the match between Paul and Shelton that day.

Among the players who participated in this tournament, Shelton stood out by far. The 21-year-old Shelton made his major singles debut at last year’s US Open. This Australian Open was his second major tournament, and he showed tremendous growth by advancing to the quarterfinals. He is a typical American style player who uses strong serve as his main weapon, recording the highest serve speed of 228 km in this tournament. 메이저사이트

However, Paul, who made his debut 5 years earlier than Shelton, skillfully confronted Shelton’s spirit with his accumulated experience. After defeating Shelton after a tie-break in the first set, Paul took the victory by dominating the second set as well. However, after breaking Shelton’s serve game at the start of the 4th set, he kept his own serve game to lead the game score 2-0, and finished the game by maintaining the difference to the end.

Meanwhile, in the women’s singles, Arina Savalenka (5th place, Belarus) defeated Donna Bekic (64th place, Croatia) 2-0 (6-3 6-2) and advanced to the Australian Open semifinals for the first time in her life. .

With Sabalenka’s advance to the semifinals, all of the Australian Open women’s singles semifinals have been completed. Sabalenka will play the semifinals on the 26th with Magda Linnette (45th, Poland), who defeated Karolina Pliskova (31st, Czech Republic) 2-0 (6-3, 7-5). Lynette has never advanced more than three rounds in singles at her majors, but she is doing her best this time around, knocking down one of her strongest opponents. She defeated both No. 19 Annet Conta Bate (Estonia) in the second round, No. 18 Katerina Alexandrova (Russia) in the third round, and No. 4 Karoline García (France) in the fourth round. Another semifinal match was made between Elena Rivakina (25th, Kazakhstan) and Victoria Azaranka (24th, Belarus).

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