Poor condition management… Sang-hyeok “Faker” Sang-hyeok, Azir nerfed? “It’s useful enough in the right situation”

On the 19th, the 2nd round of ‘2023 LCK Spring’, T1 vs. Gen. G, ended at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul.

On this day, T1 defeated Gen.G with a thrilling score of defeat-win-win, securing the top spot alone. From support anime to mid anime. Various picks were introduced and a winning formula was added.

T1’s captain and eldest brother, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, said in an interview with Riot’s official winner after the match, “It’s a pity that the performance didn’t come out as it should. Still, I’m glad it ended with a victory.” 카지노

When asked what part he regretted, he confessed, “There were a lot of things that were cut in the middle or the overall engagement position. That part was disappointing.”

A head-to-head match between T1 and Gen.G. Victor was positioned as a hot pick. Regarding how to deal with Viktor, he explained, “Viktor is a very good pick right now. He often stands in the midfield, so when we play against him, he seems to come out well with different line dive situations.”

Then, in the 3rd set, T1 used Annie in the middle and decorated it with victory. As for the advantages of picking anime, he confessed, “Because it is an old champion, the pros and cons are well known.

Along with Annie, Asol is currently rising in solo rank. Lee Sang-hyeok said to the ausole pick “

He confided about the upcoming Azir nerf, “Azir has always been a good enough pick to lead the meta. Even if it gets nerfed this time, it’s useful enough if it fits the situation.”

Recently, Lee Sang-hyeok achieved 800 matches for the first time in LCK history. In response, he emphasized, “It means a lot to me that this is my first time. I don’t care about the record itself, but I’m grateful for the encouragement and congratulations in a symbolic sense. I think it motivates me to work harder in the future.”

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