Reshuing, the first foreigner full seed who speaks Korean well… “KLPGA sisters are so pretty in real life”

Reshuing started in the same group as Choi Ye-rim and Song Ga-eun in the second round of the Lotte Rent-a-Car Women’s Open (total prize money of 800 million won, championship prize of 144 million won) on the 7th.

Li Shuying said she came to Korea when she was 8 years old. Her father is a golf instructor of Korean nationality, and her mother is of Chinese nationality. She went through elementary, middle, and high school in Korea, and she lived there for over 10 years, so she became naturally good at Korean. 안전놀이터

Li Shuying followed her father and started playing golf naturally. She also played on the Associate Trial and Jump Tour (Part 3). She even made it to the Dream Tour (Part 2). Her 30th place in the money standings on the Dream Tour earned her a spot in the regular tour seeding standings match, and her 17th place in the rankings match earned her a spot in the regular tour full seeding for the 2023 season. She advanced to the regular tour and she became the ‘No. 1 foreign player’.

Li Shuying, who finished the first round on the 6th, also started the second round in the same group as Choi Ye-rim and Song Ga-eun. Compared to the first round, she was a bit relaxed. After finishing the tee shot, Choi Ye-rim and Song Ga-eun called Li Shu-ing and posed for the camera.

She and she laughed as she moved to the second shot, talking with her sisters in her fluent Korean. It was her first full-length tour, but her awkwardness quickly dissipated.

In the third round, she was shown to be adjusting to her teammates even more, chatting affectionately with rookie Kim Min-byul.

Li Shuying said after finishing the second round, “The green speed was different and it was windy and difficult because it was held on Jeju Island, but I was really happy to play with the older sisters I saw on TV,” she said.

He continued, “I just wanted to see all the unnies I see on TV. But I was surprised that the unnies are so talented and so pretty in real life. I became a fan of Gaeun unnie and Yerim unnie whom I met today.”

Reshuing was 3 under par (5th place) in round 1, 1 over par (17th place) in round 2, 9 over par (46th place) in round 3, and 1 under par (8th place) in round 4. They finished the game tied for 13th together.

▲Lee Shuing is moving after taking a tee shot to strike a pose with Song Ki-eun.

▲ Reshuing hits a tee shot vigorously.

▲Les Shuing is moving for the second shot and the story blossoms.

Regarding his future goals, Po said, “I also thought that I wanted to do well in Korea, and furthermore, I wanted to challenge myself on the American stage.”

As the first foreign challenger in the KLPGA, Li Shuing is looking forward to seeing what kind of performance he will show in the 2023 season.

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